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Minnie Mills is a British-American actress and model of Korean descent. She is best known for acting Summer I became beautiful (2022) as style.


She became a child model after her family moved from London to New York. She was just four years old when she started her career in showbiz.

As a child model, she worked in various children’s clothing brands and campaigns. She was also seen on the front of many magazines.

When she was in high school, she became interested in acting and decided to learn more about it at the Atlantic Theater Company and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In 2022, she gave scope to her trained acting by starring in the much-awaited TV series. I’m running summer too This was her first official acting job after years of training.

She succeeded in playing the role given to her and also got approval from people. The serial in which she participated for the first time was very popular online.


  • Real Name: Minnie Mills
  • Stage Name: Minnie Mills
  • Nickname: Mini
  • Birthday: 21 January 2002
  • Birthplace: London, England
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Nationality: British-American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Occupation: Actress, Model
  • Education: Trinity College Dublin (Biomedical and Behavioral Neuroscience), Columbia University (Dual Degree Program)
  • Hobbies:-
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter:-
  • Instagram: @minnie.mills
  • TikTok:-
  • YouTube:-

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Body Measurements: 32-24-33 (Bust-32, Waist-24, and Hips-33 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US)
  • Dress Size: 3 (US)

the family

  • Father: Trevor Mills
  • Mother: Half Cho
  • Brother:-
  • Sister: Emma Paris Mills

Boyfriend and dating history

Shawn Kaufman

She is dating Sean, who is her co-star I became beautiful summer, In June 2022. It started with her posting pictures of them cuddling and just being adorable together.

Having said that, she really only referred to him as her “best friend” while wishing her a happy birthday and thanking her for always smiling.

However, the comment section began to question whether they are dating.

Both of them have not paid heed to the rumours.

Net worth

Her net worth is unknown, but some sources estimate the number to be between $800 thousand and $950 thousand, with most of her earnings being through acting.

the facts

  • Mills was born and raised in London.
  • She started her career as a child model when she was just four years old.
  • Mills is of Asian descent.
  • Her mother, Semi Cho, is South Korean and her father, Trevor Mills, is Canadian.
  • She is good friends with her co-star in the TV series Summer I became beautiful (2022), Sean Kaufman.
  • Her father is a businessman.
  • She studied her acting skills at the Atlantic Theater Company and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
  • She developed an interest in acting while in high school.
  • She can play tennis, skating, hockey, skiing, beach volleyball and many other sports.
  • Her sister Emma Paris Mills is only fifteen months younger than her.
  • She is proud of her Korean heritage.
  • Mills has been raised on Korean traditions, folklore, superstitions and household lullabies.
  • Her mother likes to serve Korean food at home and teaches her how to speak, read and write in Korean.
  • She often travels around the world with her family.
  • Her ideal type is…
  • Her net worth is around $800 thousand to $950 thousand.

T. V. series

  • Summer I became beautiful (Amazon Prime Video | 2022), starring Shayla Wang


“Acting has always been a dream of mine, but it always seemed far away and I was too focused on school and academics. During the pandemic, I was attending college remotely, so I started sending out self-tapes for auditions in my spare time.

“[The Summer I Turned Pretty] The cast and crew felt like such a family that before it even came out, in my mind the show was a little project my friends and I made for summer fun.”

“It’s a blessing to get up every day and do what you love with the people you love. It was definitely tough at times and some days and nights were long, but I would wake up at 3 in the morning or go home at 7 in the morning after a night of shooting, very happy and grateful to be there.”

“My time at Enuma deepened my sense of responsibility as a global citizen. I’m where I am in life because of the opportunities I’ve had, and I think there are so many kids with incredible potential and potential who deserve the resources and attention to pursue whatever goals and dreams they desire.”

“Many of these problems begin with a broken education system, and my hope is to help create broader access to education that meets and supports all children. To provide the next generation with the resources and power they need to make the change they want to make in the world, there is no one better to inform and facilitate change than those who understand the issue intimately.”

“I hope people take away that there is no right way to be a young adult. Growing up is fun and exciting and hard and brutal and everyone will make mistakes and there’s no right way to go about it. “

“Life is about discovering things and discovering yourself along the way.”

“I would love to write more and maybe share some of it with the world. Writing is definitely one of my passions besides acting and I’m getting more confident in sharing my work, so I’d love to get to the point where I can put something out there. Oh, and to make some progress on my endless reading list.”

“I just love makeup. My friends always ask me what I’m wearing or what kind of makeup it is, and I’m always like, ‘Oh, it’s Korean.’

“[My mom]Always telling me, ‘You were born with this skin and you have to take care of it. I’m so thankful now because I’ve never missed a day of sunscreen in my life.”

“I was definitely a fan of Jenny Hahn and I was so excited when I got the audition! She is a huge figure in Asian American and especially Korean American entertainment and I am very honored to work with her on my first project.

“There are many ways to love and be loved, and everyone has their own preferences, so I think a love triangle (or square) is a good way to satisfy a wide range of audiences.”

“I think my most memorable summer experience was definitely filming the show. We all became very close and had the best time on set and off set.”

“The first movie I saw with an Asian female lead was a Disney Channel movie starring Brenda Song. I remember forcing my sister to watch that movie every weekend for years. I’m not sure if I realized it at the time, but seeing an Asian family and a woman in the lead in a film was very inspiring to me and made me believe that maybe I could do it too.”

Minnie Mills is a rising starlet with excellent acting skills, years of training and hard work. It is no surprise that her debut performance made her an instant hit.

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