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Rose Mclver is a New Zealander actress. She’s best known as the regular cast of Power Rangers RPM (2009) and for her recurring roles in Once Upon a Time (2013–2014, 2017) and Masters of Sex (2013–2014).

Other prominent acting works she’s involved in are including  iZombie (2015–2019), A Christmas Prince (2017), and The Royal Wedding (2018), and The Royal Baby (2019).


She began her acting career at the tender age of two. Starting with TV commercials, she accepted her first movie role in the 1993 movie The Piano.

After that, she did a couple of TV movies in 1994, for example, Hercules and the Amazon Women, Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur, and Hercules in the Underworld.

A year later, she showed up in the TV series Riding High. It was then followed by another offer in the TV series City Life Sophie in 1996.

From 1999 to 2004, she did various TV series and movies. Some of the TV series include Xena: Warrior Princess (1999), P.E.T. Detectives (2003), and Mercy Peak (2002).

Meanwhile, the movies she starred in include Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack (2004), Murder in Greenwich (2002), Ozzie (2001), Flying (1998), and Toy Love (2002).

She also did stage-acting throughout her career journey, such as Key Largo (2019), That Face (2010), Arcadia (2003), and so on.

That said, acting is not the only thing she is good at. In 2015, she was involved in a modeling project for the music video Demon Days (Do It All Again) by Wild Wild Horses.


  • Real Name: Frances Rose Mclver
  • Stage Name: Rose Mclver
  • Also Known as: –
  • Nickname: Rose
  • Birthday: October 10, 1988
  • Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Nationality: New Zealander
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Profession: Actress
  • Education: Avondale College, University of Auckland (Linguistics and Psychology)
  • Hobbies: Cross-stitching, gardening, solving puzzles
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: @imrosemciver
  • Instagram: @imrosemciver
  • TikTok: @imrosemciver
  • YouTube: –

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

  • Height: 161 cm (5’4”)
  • Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Hazel brown
  • Body Measurements: 34-25-34 (Bust -34, Waist -25 and Hips -34 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 6.5 (US)
  • Dress Size: 6 (US)


  • Father: John George Whitfield “Mac” Mclver
  • Mother: Ann Mclver 
  • Brother: Paul Mclver 
  • Sister: –

Husband, Boyfriend, & Dating History

Benjamin Hoeksema 

For nine years, she’s been involved in a romantic relationship with Benjamin, who’s an architect. They started dating in 2008.

In 2009, they made public appearance together by attending The Lovely Bones premiere event.

The couple reportedly moved out from Wellington and moved in together to LA in August 2011. At that time, many speculated that they’ll get married but the rumors appeared to be false.

They separated in 2017 for undisclosed reasons.

George Bryne

She’s reportedly began dating George in 2017. At that year, they attended I Am Heath Ledger television series premiere together.

The pair got married in January 2023 and their relationship is still going on strong.

Net Worth

Multiple online sources estimated her net worth to be around $3 million. She seems to earn primarily through her career as a professional actress.

Real Estate

In September 2022, she purchased a lovely hacienda-style house located in the Atwater Village, Los Angeles, for $2.4 million.

The property was listed on the market earlier for slightly over $2 million in June that year. However, she reportedly won a bidding war by offering $340 thousand more.

The house was built in 1930s and offers 1,700 sq ft of living space, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The residence was updated recently by the former owner to provide fancier interiors.


  • Rose Mclver was born and raised in New Zealand.
  • She started learning to speak with an American accent when she was five years old.
  • Her father, John George Whitfield “Mac” Mclver, is a professional photographer while her mother, Ann Mclver, is a professional artist.
  • Rose likes to keep her romantic relationship private.
  • She decided to leave the university to focus on her career.
  • Her brother, Paul Mclver, is a musician and a former actor.
  • Rose prefers to shop at thrift stores.
  • She used to work as a babysitter and a banana importer before becoming an actress.
  • Rose enjoys reading and writing.
  • She is a fan of comedian Ricky Gervais and actress Allison Janney.
  • Rose sees acting as more of a hobby than an occupation.
  • She can stomach gross things very well.
  • Rose often dresses casually and comfortably.
  • She is good at dancing.
  • Rose is chosen as the ambassador of Emirate airlines.
  • Her ideal type is…
  • Her net worth is around $3 million.


  • Next Exit (2022), as Heather
  • Nice Ride (2020), as the director and the writer
  • The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020), as Queen Amber
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (2019), as Queen Amber
  • Daffodils (2019), as Rose
  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018), as Amber
  • Brampton’s Own (2018), as Rachel Kinley
  • A Christmas Prince (2017), as Amber
  • Access Code (2017), as Eve
  • Wild Wild Horses (2015), as Woman
  • Coward (2015), as Ohpelia
  • Mattresside (2015), as Sue
  • Warning Labels (2015), as Jessie
  • The Answers (2015), as Paige
  • Blood Punch (2014), as the associate producer
  • Queen of Carthage (2014), as Jane
  • Brightest Star (2013), as Charlotte Cates
  • The Sorrows (2013), as…
  • Blinder (2013), as Sammy Walton
  • The Dinner Party (2012), as Heather “Rose”
  • Tangiwai (2011), as Nerissa Love
  • Dangerous Ride (2010), as Renee
  • Predicament (2010), as Maybelle
  • The Lovely Bones (2009), as Lindsey Salmon
  • So Fresh & So Keen (2008), as Sally Poste
  • Knickers (2007), as Emily
  • Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board (2007), as Valerie
  • Maiden Voyage: Ocean Hijack (2004), as Jenny
  • Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off (2003), as Hannah
  • Murder in Greenwich (2002), as Sheila McGuire
  • Toy Love (2002), as Lucy
  • Ozzie (2001), as Caitlin
  • Flying (1998), as Josie
  • Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (1997), as Sally
  • Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (1994), as Ilea
  • Hercules in the Underworld (1994), as Ilea
  • Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994), as Girl
  • The Piano (1993), as Angel

TV Series

  • Maltin on Movies (YouTube | 2022), as self
  • Ghosts (CBS | 2021), as Samantha
  • Antisocial Distance (YouTube | 2021), as Mary
  • Unwanted (QCode | 2021), as Kate
  • Woke (Hulu | 2020), as Adrienne
  • I’m Sorry (truTV | 2019), as Elizabeth
  • DreamWorks Dragons (Netflix | 2017), as Atali
  • A Bunch of Dicks (YouTube | 2017), as Johnny
  • iZombie (The CW | 2015), as Olivia Moore
  • Play It Again, Dick (The CW | 2014), as Horny Mourner
  • The Dollanganger Saga (Hulu | 2014), as Cathy Dollanganger
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC | 2013), as Tinker Bell
  • Masters of Sex (Showtime | 2013), as Vivian Scully
  • Cassandra French’s Finishing School for Boys (MTV | 2012), as Cassie
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS | 2012), as Bridget Byron
  • Super City (TV3 | 2011), as Candice
  • Power Rangers RPM (ABC | 2009), as Summer Landsdown
  • Legend of the Seeker (ABC | 2009), as Alice
  • Rude Awakenings (TV One | 2007), as Constance Short
  • Maddigan’s Quest (BBC1 | 2006), as Garland
  • P.E.T. Detectives (Facebook | 2003), as Genevieve
  • Mercy Peak (TV One | 2002), as Gwyneth Couch
  • Xena: Warrior Princess (Syndication | 1999), as Daphne
  • City Life (TV2 | 1996), as Sophie
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Syndication | 1995), as Ilea
  • Riding High (TV2 | 1995), as Billy
  • Shortland Street (TVNZ | 1993), as Holly

TV Shows

  • CBS Mornings (CBS | 2022), as a guest
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS | 2022), as a guest
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show (NBC | 2022), as a guest
  • Entertainment Tonight (YouTube | 2021), as a guest
  • The Talk (CBS | 2021), as a guest
  • Class Act (ITV | 2019), as a guest
  • Making Every Genre Delicious (ABC | 2018), as a guest
  • GeekRockTV (YouTube | 2017), as a guest
  • (CBS | 2017), as a guest
  • Harry (Seven Network | 2017), as a guest
  • MTV Fandom Awards (MTV | 2016), as the host
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC | 2016), as a guest
  • Young Hollywood (YouTube | 2016), as a guest
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC | 2015), as a guest
  • Conan (TBS | 2015), as a guest
  • Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC | 2015), as a guest
  • Reel Junkie (ABC | 2014), as a guest
  • Campbell Live (Three | 2010), as a guest
  • Xposé (Virgin Media One | 2009), as a guest
  • Made in Hollywood (Syndication | 2009), as a guest


  • Key Largo (2019), as Nora D’Alcala
  • That Face (2010), as Izzy
  • Blood Brothers (2008), as…
  • Arcadia (2003), as Thomasina Coverly

Music Video Appearances

  • Heartlines (2016) – Broods
  • Demon Days (Do It All Again) (2015) – Wild Wild Horses
  • Ordinary Life (2015) – Wild Wild Horses


  • 2010 Visa Entertainment Screen Awards – Best NZ Actress – The Lovely Bones
  • 2002 TV Guide NZ Television Awards – Best Juvenile Actor/Actress – Xena: Warrior Princess


  • 2022 Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards – Best Actress in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series (Comedy) – Ghosts
  • 2019 Teen Choice Awards – Choice Summer TV Actress – iZombie
  • 2018 Teen Choice Awards – Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actress – iZombie
  • 2017 Teen Choice Awards – Choice Comedy TV Actress – iZombie
  • 2012 Monte Carlo Film Festival – Outstanding Actress – Tangiwai
  • 2007 Air New Zealand Screen Awards – Best Performance by an Actress – Maddigan’s Quest


“When you overcome a profound loss, or there’s some catalyst in your life that shifts everything, if you’re able to take it in stride and heal, it can make for much more three-dimensional and empathetic people.”

“There’s no use beating yourself up about what you can’t change.”

“My school of thought with going into a character is that you have to understand where they come from, and you have to empathize with them.”

“The reason I feel like I act is because you get to live a million different lives in one. I don’t have to go about my life, just being easy-going New Zealander Rose. Sometimes I can inhabit a feisty, vicious character. Sometimes I can inhabit a painfully shy British girl, or whatever it might be.”

“I bring ideas to set, and I’m more than willing for those to be affected and be malleable based on what the other person gives me. I don’t know what another actor is going to give me, on the day, and I don’t want to be so hard and fast in my technique that I’m not open to what’s coming.”

“My brother was scouted for a commercial when he was three, and it was just because he could speak clearly and was well behaved, basically. I don’t think he had any amazing acting ability at that age – although he is actually a great actor.”

“I always think about the settlers who moved to New Zealand in the 1800s. They hadn’t even been to the place before. They just packed their bags and shipped over knowing they’d never see their family again or be able to speak to them – they’d maybe get a letter if they were lucky.”

“When I was about five, I could do a vaguely decent American accent – straight through kind of decent – and ‘Hercules’ needed some kids. I definitely wasn’t a good actor.”

“I had to do a Northern England accent once, and I didn’t have much time, so I went and pored through YouTube. There are all sorts of resources out there. The Internet has made that much more affordable. Don’t break your neck to spend your money.”

“I do think of myself very strongly as a New Zealander, but when I moved out to the States, I was aware that I didn’t want to just live in a satellite community of only other New Zealanders.”

“If you’re small and can speak clearly and you’re a cute kid, that’s the craft, really. The whole child actor thing can be dangerous sometimes. Other kids were taking piano lessons; I did ballet and acting.”

“The best way to study to be an actor is to interact genuinely with the people around you and observe and listen.”

“We can get carried away with our heads in books, and although there’s so much to be learned from that, I think sitting in a cafe and speaking with someone – whatever it is, their mannerisms, their choices, are just as valuable as any class you can go to.”

“I’ve done a lot of drama, and as a lifestyle, going to work and laughing every day is just great. It’s great for your mental health, and it’s great for setting up a nice year.”

“There is humor in the darkest of moments – People who I have loved and passed away, and very high stake situations where you can’t help but laugh. I think that’s very human.”

“Really, I’m never much of a goal-setter. Whenever I’ve tried to make big, solid plans, they don’t happen. I’m more into whatever the circumstances are that present themselves, making wise decisions around that.”

Rose Mclver has been neck-deep in the entertainment industry ever since she was young. Her journey went a long way back and it is apparent that she is not planning to stop anytime soon.

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