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Allegra Edwards is an American actress. She is famous for acting in it Briarpatch (2020) and Upload it (2020-present).

Earlier, she has done small roles in several television serials viz Orange is the New Black In 2017 and Modern Family In 2016.


Allegra Edwards already entered the entertainment industry when she was just a young girl.

During her childhood and teenage years, she spent most of her time working as a model for various brands and occasions.

Not only this, she also danced many times to pursue her passion.

Her acting career really started in 2009 when she was in college and appeared in a short film, Teacher.

After that she appeared in the film Life Is Not A Musical: The Musical In 2010, which followed My friend Violet (2016) and above (2016).

In 2016, Allegra secured several acting projects for various networks, such as Modern Family, New Girl, John Glazer Loves Gear, And also AdFirm.

A year later, she returned The Mindy Project (2017) and also Sandy Wexler (2017).

Not only that, Allegra later became popular for her role in the Netflix series. Orange is the New Black (2017), college friends (2017), and also The last tycoon (2017).

After that, she joined later Briarpatch (2019) and Upload it (2020) this series made her name famous in many places.


  • Real Name: Allegra Edwards
  • Stage Name: Allegra Edwards
  • Nickname: Allegra
  • Birthday: 9 September 1987
  • Birthplace: Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion:-
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Education: Pepperdine University
  • Hobbies:-
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter:-
  • Instagram: @allegra_edwards
  • TikTok:-
  • YouTube:-

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 170 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Body Measurements: 33-25-36 (Bust-33, Waist-25, and Hips-36 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 10 (US)
  • Dress Size:-

the family

  • Father: Paul Edwards
  • Mother: Jeanie Edwards
  • Brother:-
  • Sister: Skye Edwards, Evangeline Edwards
  • Children: Howard Douglas Snyder

Husbands, boyfriends and dating history

Clayton Snyder

She started dating Clayton, an actor, in 2009. The couple got engaged in 2019 and tied the knot in 2020.

In July 2022, they were blessed with the arrival of their baby boy named Howard. His family lives in Los Angeles.

Net worth

Although the exact amount of Allegra‘s net worth is unknown, it is estimated that she has accumulated a net worth of $500 thousand to $1 million.

She seems to earn her income mainly from acting.

the facts

  • Allegra lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • During her college years, she decided to study theater and television in Malibu.
  • She graduated from college in 2010.
  • After graduating from college, Allegra moved to San Francisco.
  • She once attended the American Conservatory Theater for acting.
  • Allegra considers herself a comedian.
  • She is very close to her father.
  • She loves spending time outdoors.
  • Her ideal type is…


  • Social meditation (2020), as Charlotte (short film).
  • On social issues (2019), as Mika Brioni-Shaw
  • IC through u (2018), As a Woman (Short Film)
  • Sandy Wexler (2017), as Mary
  • above (2016), as Christina (short film).
  • My friend Violet (2016), as Violet
  • Life is not a musical: a musical (2010), as Claire
  • Teacher (2009), as Tango Girl (short film)

TV movie

  • #fashion victim (2018), as Lauren White
  • AdFirm (2016), as Chasey

T. V. series

  • Upload it (Amazon Prime Video | 2020-2022), as Ingrid Kannerman
  • Briarpatch (USA Network | 2019-2020), as Cindy McCabe
  • Alternatino with Arturo Castro (Avalon Television | 2019), as Tina
  • The last tycoon (Amazon Prime Video | 2017), as Phoebe Ford
  • college friends (Netflix | 2017), as Madison
  • Orange is the New Black (Netflix | 2017), as a TV anchor
  • The Mindy Project (Fox | 2017), as Lori
  • John Glaser loves gear (2016), as Young Mom
  • new girl (Fox | 2016), as Marisa Blumenstock
  • Modern Family (ABC | 2016), as Arizona


“I started acting when I was young; It’s always been something I’ve been interested in, I’ve never explored anything else.”

“I started auditioning for everything that came my way; I have not booked anything till 2016. You are working your way up to more and more noticeable roles. It’s been quite a journey, but characterized by my focus – this is what I want to do, and this is what I love to do, so I keep doing it.”

I didn’t have a backup plan, so I was pouring everything into this one route. This can be a good thing, but it can also lead to doubt and I often wonder if I made the right decision. Consistency gave me a lot of confidence and a constant reminder that life is a marathon and not a sprint – to keep the faith, keep the confidence and persevere.”

“My biggest piece of advice is to celebrate the small wins and remind yourself that even getting an audition is a win.”

“It’s hard to maintain perspective when you’re not getting callbacks or you’re not booking. Try to remember that getting invited and going for an audition is phenomenal.”

“The question many actors have is, “How do you deal with rejection?” I reject the word rejection because once you’re invited, you’re invited. There’s no taking it back. Timing, direction, some other reason you’re not booking, Not because you don’t belong in the industry.”

“I feel very privileged to work in this industry and to have the opportunity to participate in the creative process of this show. I look forward to seeing how diversity in the industry continues to grow and progress and allow more space for diverse women’s voices.”

“There is a verse in the Bible that I think about often because my dad says it a lot. When I was a kid and he let me down, he wouldn’t even start talking and I’d say, “I know what you’re going to say.” But whenever I feel uneasy or anxious, he would say, “Be anxious about nothing, but in everything give thanks.” It’s a really good starting place for virtually any situation.”

“When we are afraid, or especially anxious, choosing a state of gratitude is the best way to improve the situation.”

“My father was an actor in the Bay Area before I was born. He has always loved theater and is an excellent singer. Both my parents are very creative; My mother earned her master’s degree in music education at Stanford. Together, they shaped the way I saw art.”

“My parents definitely shaped the way I perceive reality. Role playing and acting were ingrained in our family vocabulary. He also took us to many shows and made sure we were always involved in your arts in some way. All my siblings and my sister-in-law are also pursuing art professionally.

“I’m doing a lot of rethinking because obviously I was underestimating myself; I didn’t aim high enough.”

“One thing I’d like to do eventually is pour some of my personal resources into projects that need some help getting off the ground. I’m not sure I’m the best person to steer the creative ship, but I love funding other people so they can spread their talents. I’m not in a position to do that right now but I’d love to invest in things I care about.”

“I just want to keep working on great projects with great people. I am not chasing any particular role or medium, I just want to create that positive momentum and keep it going for a long time.”

Allegra Edwards has already experienced many ups and downs throughout her career as an actress. Hopefully, her fans will be able to see more of her masterpieces in the future!

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