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Sophie Wilde is an Australian actress. She is best known for acting Aidan (2021), you don’t know me (2021), and Tom Jones (2023).

Along with this she appeared in many films talk to me (2022) and Portable door (2023).


She began her journey at Sydney’s Newtown High School of the Performing Arts by taking small acting classes as a child.

She then joined the National Institute of Dramatic Art. After completing her education, she landed her first acting job in the acclaimed 2020 production of Bell Shakespeare. Hamlet.

A year later, in 2021, she was offered a role in an Australian TV series Aidan. She officially debuted as an actress.

After successfully landing her first role in showbiz, she was offered another role in a British TV series you don’t know me (2021) from which she gained her popularity.

Shortly thereafter, she was chosen as the new face to represent the 2021 Kandinsky collection, a fine jewelry line.

Sophie was also keen to venture into something completely different, acting in films. In 2022, she was gearing up for two films, Portable door And talk to me.


  • Real Name: Sophie Wilde
  • Stage Name: Sophie Wilde
  • Nickname: Sophie
  • Birthday: 16 May 1997
  • Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
  • Zodiac Sign:-
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Religion:-
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Education:
    Sydney’s Newtown High School of the Performing Arts;
    Australian Theater for Young People;
    National Institute of Dramatic Arts
  • Hobbies:-
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter:-
  • Instagram: @sophiewildee
  • TikTok:-
  • YouTube:-

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 170 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Body Measurements:-
  • Shoe Measurements:-
  • Dress Size:-

the family

  • Father: Simon Wilde
  • Mother: Mona Lisa Wilde
  • Brother: 1
  • Sister:-

Boyfriend and dating history

She is not involved in any publicly known relationship. She probably wants to keep her personal and dating life private.

Net worth

Her net worth is unknown, but various sources have estimated the figure to be between $700 thousand and $900 thousand.

She seems to earn most from her career as a professional actress.

the facts

  • Sophie was raised by an Australian father and an Ivorian mother in Ivory Coast, South West Africa.
  • Personality-wise, she has youthful exuberance and youthful timidity.
  • She realized that she wanted to be an actress since childhood.
  • Sophie likes to have ‘me time’ and can get stressed easily when there are lots of people around.
  • Initially, her grandparents encouraged her interest in live theater, but Audrey Hepburn starred alongside Gregory Peck in film. Roman holiday (1953) which really cemented her dream of becoming an actress.
  • Her father is an abstract artist and her mother is a coach.
  • When she was five, she signed up for classes at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts as well as the Australian Theater for Young People.
  • Veteran actress Viola Davis inspires her a lot.
  • Her ideal type is…


  • talk to me (2022), as Mia
  • Portable door (2022), as Sophie Pettingale

T. V. series

  • Tom Jones (PBS | 2022), as Sophia Western
  • you don’t know me (BBC1 | 2021), as Kyra
  • Aidan (Stan | 2021), as Scout Lewis


“I love fashion, I’ve always watched fashion shows and kept up to date, and so it feels a little surreal to be in Paris and to be in a brand like Chanel. It was such a dream. “

“As an actor you are playing a character. You have the script to back yourself up, so it’s less vulnerable in some ways. With stills, it’s just you, so sometimes it feels like I don’t know what to do and I feel uncomfortable. But if you look at it from an actor’s point of view, it can make you feel more comfortable.”

“I think just constantly working and seeing other actors, or meeting some of the incredible other actors that I’ve had the privilege of working with, it really takes a toll on you. I think you will start to feel more confident in yourself and in your work.”

“I think finding my voice and backing myself creatively or speaking into a situation is a process and such a valuable skill. I think sometimes you have to be like ‘I disagree with this’ or ‘I need this for me’. It’s a challenge, but a valuable lesson.”

“I think when you’re starting out, you don’t want to feel like a diva. Or like, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. But, that’s your art. There’s actually nothing wrong with being like, ‘I need five minutes to be alone and do this.’ And everyone will always respect that because they are there to support you.

“I remember coming out of drama school and saying the first job I wanted to do was in Australia. I would rather do an Australian film than an American film or a British film. That was really important to me.”

“I think fundamentally, I love Australian film, television and theatre. I love Australia, I’m Australian, it’s an inherent part of who I am. Championing the industry is really important to me and being a part of it is really important to me.”

“I love ‘me time’ and people stress me out easily. I think working on this job is great training. Leaving home and being independent for the first time and working professionally and all these things, I think, really change the chemistry of who you are and [you] It will inevitably lead to some kind of growth.”

“I love my life, my private life, but I think that’s the case with this job. I think it’s trying to find a balance between your own sense of self, and your own community and that world and how you balance all of that.”

“Obviously I want to be a supporter of diversity because it’s important to me. It is an integral part of my life and will become an integral part of my career. But sometimes when it feels like you’re just a face for it, it’s exhausting.”

“Viola Davis is literally my life … When she won her Emmy and gave that speech, I remember watching with my eyes closed. The first time I was like, ‘Actually, maybe I can do this. Check out this amazing black woman who won this award. How incredible. “

Rising starlet, Sophie Wilde has so much charisma and acting talent that it’s little wonder that she’s considered one of the actresses everyone should look out for in the future.

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