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Jacob Colvin is a famous American TikTok star and YouTube star. It gained recognition from sharing the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest with various Native Americans.

He also shares original music on his platform, which plays a role in increasing his popularity.


In his first YouTube account in 2018, he posted tutorials on gaining TikTok followers and creating viral photos.

In 2019, Jacob started his first Tik Tok account. He posted nature videos around his house on his TokTok channel.

Unexpectedly he gained popularity, his posts about wildlife were liked and he got a huge following.

After gaining his popularity, he focused on making video content about the wildlife around his area of ​​residence. In addition, he is popular for his rescue video content of small ocean animals.

His deworming videos in Oregon and Washington featured great scenic locations, funny voiceovers, and funny vibes, gaining him significant viewership.

Due to this success, he is now focusing on making similar videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.


  • Full Name: Jacob Colvin
  • Stage Name: Jacob Colvin
  • Nickname: Jake
  • Date of Birth: 8 April 1991
  • Birthplace: Salem, Oregon, United States
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Occupation: YouTube Star, TikTok Star
  • Education:-
  • Hobbies: Playing music, exploring nature
  • Facebook: @jake.pnw
  • Twitter: @jakepnw
  • Instagram: @jake.pnw
  • TikTok: @jake.pnw
  • YouTube: Jacob Colvin Official

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
  • Weight: 75 kg (165 lb)
  • Blood group:
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Body Measurements:-
  • Shoe Measurements:-

the family

  • Father:
  • mother:
  • Brother:
  • sister:
  • Children: Jess Colvin, Kaya Colvin

Wife, Girlfriend and Dating History

Michelle Colvin

Jacob is married to Michelle, although it is not known exactly when they tied the knot. The couple has two children, Jess and Kaya Colvin.

His family lives in Oregon, Pacific Northwest, United States.

Net worth

According to multiple online sources, his net worth is estimated at $5 million to $6 million.

He earns mainly from his social media accounts and his job as a commercial photographer and social media manager.


As quoted from social blade, He earns $29.1 thousand to $464.8 thousand monthly or about $348.6 thousand to $5.6 million annually from his YouTube channel earnings alone.


Jacob Colvin owns two impressive supercars. The first is a McLaren 650s in blue and the second is a Z51 C8 Corvette in white.

He had a gray GT-R Canyon and a black 2020 Toyota Supra.

the facts

  • Before his fame, Jacob worked as a social media manager and professional photographer.
  • Although he has two children in Oregon, he does not reveal much about his family and relationships.
  • In 2019, he started publishing environmental and wildlife videos on YouTube
  • He has been helping ocean animals since 2005, working with the Invasive Species Team at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center.
  • An environmentalist makes videos of beach life claiming to “save” the tiny creatures he finds on the beach.
  • Its mission is to make a positive impact and build a community of people who care about the ocean.
  • His first environmental video on YouTube, “Why Plastic Straws Are So Bad” went viral.
  • In 2021, he created a video called “Rescueing Cute Animals Compilation”, which compiled series of TikTok.
  • He has collaborated with pop music singer Bishop Briggs to create entertaining video content.
  • His favorite fruit is plum.
  • To support his efforts on social media, he has created partnerships with several companies, including photography accounts, merchant accounts, and Oregon-based businesses.
  • He uses his popularity to educate and inspire people to take action by donating to earth-friendly organizations.
  • This internet celebrity also loves cars and has created his own car channel on YouTube.
  • Its ideal type is…


“I have always loved the sea and its inhabitants. The entire planet depends on the ocean in one way or another, and it is our responsibility to ensure that it remains a healthy resource for all future generations.”

“I believe it is important to save animals like shrimp and jellyfish because they are underappreciated.”

“When most people think of marine animals, they usually think of sharks, dolphins, turtles and whales. But I think if we can create connections/relationships with these small, often overlooked creatures, people will care more about the deep sea.”

Removing the parasites from my videos won’t solve the problem of these invasive species, but it will help the individual shrimp you see in the video, and it will raise awareness about invasive species and the importance of protecting vulnerable ecosystems. .”

Anyone can do more to help the ocean. No one is perfect and not every decision we make will benefit the ocean. However, everyone has the power to do something. “

“Whether it’s using a reusable water bottle when possible, picking up trash through the water system when possible, or taking the time to learn what’s recyclable and what’s not.”

I try to stay positive by trying to stay busy. I am working really hard to build a strong community of people who love the ocean.”

“I also try to give back more than I take. This mindset has helped me be more grateful for what I have so I can focus more on how to make the world around me better.”

My motto in life is “Success is a journey, not a destination” Some things are out of your control but if you do your best that’s what matters most.

Photo by Jacob Colvin

1. Jacob worked as a social media manager and professional photographer

Jacob Colvin - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

2. He gained popularity on TikTok with his parasite removal videos

    Jacob Colvin - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

3. He has been active in helping ocean animals since 2005

Jacob Colvin - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

4. Its mission is to make people care about the ocean

TikTok Star - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

5. He inspires people to take action by donating to earth-friendly organizations

TikTok Star - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

Starting out as a social media manager and professional photographer, Jacob Colvin became famous after sharing videos related to his hobby.

And now he’s using his fame to achieve his goal of making a positive impact and building a community of people who care about the ocean.

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