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Jon Klaasen is a famous American TikTok star, actor and singer. He gained recognition and built a fan base by releasing music and joining a Simon Cowell-produced band.

He reaches a large audience by being active on TikTok, where he mostly posts content with his wife Alyssa Joy.


When John Classen received a guitar for his birthday present, he never imagined it would change his life.

Initially, John was more interested in soccer, basketball and tennis. However, his interest in music began to grow.

Jon became a contestant in a singing competition The X Factor. The singer was in a band formed by Simon Cowell called Forever in Your Mind. The band consists of him, Ricky Garcia and Emery Kelly.

Appeared in a TV serial named John Happy family show In 2011 and Royal Crush In 2014 to portray a character named Noah. In 2017, he appeared in a TV serial Chat like love.

That same year, he was also auditioned for ABC’s singing competition show Boy band. John was also prolific for many singles, including coming back, Persistence And holding me back.

In 2018, John became one of the members of a band called On the Outside.

Jon is famous for his beatboxing on TikTok. But his song videos started gaining him a following.

He also created a YouTube channel called The Classes with his brother and wife.


  • Full Name: Jon Klaasen
  • Stage Name: Jon Klaasen
  • Nickname: John
  • Birthday: 10 January 1998
  • Birthplace: Indiana, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Occupation: Singer, actor, TikTok star
  • Education: Center Grove High School
  • Hobbies: Singing, Biking
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter: @jon_klaasen
  • Instagram: @jonklaasen
  • TikTok: @jonklaasen
  • YouTube: Classen official

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
  • Weight: 78 kg (171 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Body Measurements: 42-33-15 (Bust-42, Waist-33, and Arms-15 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 10.5 (US)

the family

  • Father: Bob Klaasen
  • Mother: Karen Klaasen
  • Brother: Joey Klaasen
  • Sister:-

Wife, Girlfriend and Dating History

Elissa Joy

It is not known when they started dating, but they got married in June 2020.

They decided to marry each other in July, a month after the engagement event. Their married life seems to be going strong and happy.

Net worth

The exact figure of his net worth is not known. However, according to multiple online sources, it is between $200 thousand and $1 million.

Most of his earnings come from his music career and his large online presence.

the facts

  • Jon has blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • Along with his brother, John grew up in Indiana.
  • They have a pet cat named Charlie.
  • If he wasn’t a singer, he’d be in motor racing.
  • His favorite rappers are Cardi B, Lil Wayne and Eminem.
  • Jon’s favorite actresses are Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway.
  • He likes to eat French fries, burgers and omelets.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • 13 Reasons Why And Game of Thrones John’s favorite TV shows are
  • He likes movies matrix.
  • Jon’s favorite subject at school was mathematics.
  • If Jon retired one day, he wanted to move to Seattle, Washington.
  • Jon wants to befriend a professional motocrosser named Eli Tomac.
  • Jon’s friends describe him as full of energy and focused.
  • He said his wife and his brother were his best friends.
  • Jon once got into a car accident because he was drinking.
  • He appeared as an open act at Arnel Pineda’s charity concert in Hawaii.
  • In June 2020, John Klassen proposed to TikTok star Alyssa Joy.
  • The couple got married in December 2020.
  • Previously, John met Elisa on the set of the movie when they played boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • At first, they didn’t like each other, but they became good friends and fell in love.
  • Jon started dating her a year later at Christmas.
  • Its ideal type is…


  • Zero (2014), as students

T. V. series

  • Royal Crush (YouTube ⏐ 2016), as Noah
  • Chat like love (YouTube ⏐ 2017), as Bryce
  • School (ABC ⏐ 2019), as an acapella singer


“Everyone grieves for something or someone they love in their life and misses it terribly. It’s special to have people who feel good listen to my music and it speaks to them in a very personal way.”

It’s really important to me that the gifts I have are used to make a difference for other people…The most miraculous moments are when you connect with someone else and make a difference in their life.”

“It is always a subject close to my heart when I write. That’s how I want to think about what I sing. Then the feelings are automatically translated.

I always had the support of my family and that helped me a lot. The main thing that helped me get through this was my faith. Whenever I feel alone, I just remember God’s love for me. It sounds cliche, I know it is, but it made a huge difference in my life.”

“Don’t expect things to be perfect, because things are going to be messy, that’s how things work, so it’s just to give people hope.”

I think a lot of what sets me apart is just me. I have a unique set of life experiences that are different from others, just like everyone else has their own experiences to share.”

“I have a specific voice that I really enjoy and everything I write comes from my heart and connects with my fans so no one feels alone.”

“Work on your craft. If you play an instrument, practice it a lot. If you sing, train well so you can protect your voice. Work on writing songs. Don’t give up because you don’t think you’ve written a hit song the first time. Give yourself time to grow.”

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Jon Klaasen has spread his brand across several social platforms. He is not only a singer but also a beatboxer, internet personality and actor.

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