Yeonjun TXT – Bio, Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Yeonjun is a South Korean singer and songwriter. He’s best known as a member of BigHit Entertainment’s boy group Tomorrow X Together (TXT).


Yeonjun started out as a trainee under Cube Entertainment. Then, he decided to join BigHit Entertainment.

This rapper auditioned using BTS’ song Boy In Love. He managed to pass and become BigHit’s trainee in 2014.

Yeonjun has one of the longest training periods. It stretched for five years, from 2014 to 2019.

During his years as trainee, he also made an appearance as backup dancer in San E and Raina’s A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness on 2014 MMA.

After years of training, this Virgo man successfully became part of new boy group Tomorrow X Together or TXT. He was the first member to be introduced in January 2019.

Yeonjun finally had his debut with TXT on March 2019. They released their first EP titled The Dream Chapter: Star.

The album was very well received by the public. It managed to get to number one on the Gaon Album Chart and Billboard World Albums Chart. It even got a spot on US Billboard 200 at number 140.

Following the release of their debut EP, TXT also released the music video for lead single Crown.

For this track, Yeonjun and his fellow members got their first music show win on The Show. They also went on to win M Countdown and Show Champion.

This K-pop idol also has several writing credits for his work with TXT. He is the writer for Maze in The Mirror and Fairy of Shampoo out of their 2020 EP The Dream Chapter: Eternity.

He also wrote 밸런스 게임, Frost, and No Rules for their studio album released in 2021.


  • Real Name: Choi Yeon Jun (최연준)
  • Stage Name: Yeonjun (연준)
  • English Name: Daniel Choi
  • Nickname: Yeonttomeok
  • Yeonjun TXT Birthday: September 13, 1999
  • Birthplace: Bundang-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit/Hare
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Position: Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist
  • Religion: –
  • Profession: Singer, Rapper, Songwriter
  • Education: Withbill Dance Studio
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Skating, Eating
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: –
  • Yeonjun TXT Instagram: @yawnzzn
  • Tiktok: –
  • Youtube:  –
  • Spotify Playlist: TXT: YEONJUN

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance 

  • Yeonjun TXT Height: 181.5 cm (5’11”)
  • Yeonjun TXT Weight: 62 Kg (136 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Yeonjun TXT Body Measurements: 38-28-32 (Bust -38, Waist -28, and Hips -32 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 9 (US)


  • Father: –
  • Mother: – 
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –

Girlfriend & Dating History

Huh Yun-jin (Le Sserafim)

In January 2023, rumors that Yeonjun’s dating Huh Yun-jin, who’s his labelmate who’s a member of  girl group Le Sserafim, spread amongst fans.

The speculations based on a anonymous post on a Korean online forum.

The poster claimed that they had found a Spotify account that allegedly belongs to Yunjin because the displayed name showed her name and include her formerly recommended songs and reportedly followed by her sister.

On the other hand, the reason why the dating rumors started was because the profile picture for the account is a drawing with allegedly similar art style as Yunjin’s. The profile picture showed a drawing of a boy and a girl.

The boy in the drawing was wearing an outfit and ear piercing similar to Yeonjun. Similarly, the girl was drawn with gold hoop earrings which similar to what Yunjin has worn before.

However, neither Yeonjun nor Yun-jin has ever acknowledged the rumors.

Yeonjun TXT Net Worth

Yeonjun’s net worth is estimated by multiple sources to be anywhere between $1 million to $5 million. He appeared to earn his income mostly from his career as a TXT member.


  • Yeonjun was represented by pupae in a Tulip in Questioning Film.
  • When he was nine, he stayed for two years in San Jose, California.
  • His morse code forms the word Promise on the Questioning Film.
  • He has monolids and considers them unique.
  • He shed tears after debuting with TXT.
  • His introduction video reached one million views in just a day.
  • He was trending on twitter after just 10 minutes of his introduction.
  • He was in a commercial for a ramen brand.
  • This K-pop idol was the top trainee in dance, vocal, and also rap.
  • He can speak English.
  • He loves the character Doraemon.
  • Bananas and apples are his favorite fruits.
  • He likes eating mint chocolate.
  • He’s been dubbed as the fake maknae despite being the oldest one.
  • Yeonjun is the one that giving out energy and endorphin in the group.
  • He made the TXT hand gesture.
  • He is a big eater. He has eaten rice cake, cold noodles, kimbap, and pork rice by himself.
  • He felt that his cheeks were getting chubby so he went on a diet.
  • He used to eat foods out of his fellow members but he has learned to control himself.
  • When reading a poem, he cried.
  • He wanted to do more of the bang bang in the teaser so he did that on Twitter.
  • His ear is pierced.
  • He auditioned for WH Entertainment and passed the first one.
  • He is the cutest member according to Soobin.
  • One of the dorm rules is to tidy up clothes, according to Yeonjun.
  • When he wakes up in the morning, his upper body would hang out of the bed.
  • Billboard has written an article on him
  • He loves fashion.
  • He is quite good in playing games.
  • His favorite BTS songs are Run, Spring Day, and Butterfly.
  • He looks beautiful when smiling, according to Beomgyu.
  • He can do S-board.
  • Panda and Welsh Corgi are his favorite animals.
  • He was in American’s elementary school.
  • He loves listening to J Cole.
  • His shoulders are pretty wide.
  • He loves watching The Intern.
  • He plays the video game Overwatch. His favorite is Reaper.
  • He likes drinking beer, soju, and a combination of both.
  • He can tolerate 2 to 2,5 bottles of alcohol.
  • According to Yeonjun, he is like a puppy
  • He picks purple and blue as his favorite colors.
  • This Virgo man likes the character Chopper of One Piece.
  • He loves wearing unique outfits.
  • He takes the bottom bunks in the dorm.
  • Eternal Sunshine is his all-time favorite song.
  • He likes eating apple.
  • As a girl, he would date Beomgyu because he’s handsome and makes him feel happy.
  • Ramen in the first thing he would buy in convenience store.
  • He doesn’t ever get tired thinking about the fans. Instead, he feels energized.
  • Yeonjun would make gaming content on V-Live Show, according to Beomgyu.
  • He was in Live On episode 8 as a cameo.
  • He has known Shinwon of Pentagon for a while. They’re friends.
  • His favorite BTS member is Jimin.
  • He is also friends with Yeosang and Wooyoung of Ateez, Byungchan and Subin of Victon, and also Changbin of Stray Kids.
  • He is also a model and has walked in New York Fashion Week in 2021.
  • In the new dorm, he has a room for himself.
  • He has done collaboration for a clothing line with Ul:kin.
  • The fans is his ideal type.

Pics of Yeonjun

1. Yeonjun certainly looks incredible in short-sleeve shirt

Yeonjun TXT - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

2. The bubblegum pink hair makes the whole look

Yeonjun TXT - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

3. He is so cute sitting among all these teddy bears

Yeonjun TXT - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

4. He can somehow works the strange combination of suit and shorts

 Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

5. Yeonjun has an adorable face

 Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career


Who is Yeonjun (TXT)?

He is a South Korean singer and songwriter. 

Who is Yeonjun (TXT)’s real name?

His real name is Choi Yeon Jun (최연준).

What makes Yeonjun (TXT) famous?

He’s famous as a member of BigHit Entertainment’s boy group Tomorrow X Together (TXT).

Where is Yeonjun (TXT) from?

He was born in Bundang-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi, South Korea.

How old is Yeonjun (TXT)?

He was born in 1999, and he is 24 years old as of 2023.

When Yeonjun (TXT) celebrates his birthday?

He celebrates on the 13th of every September.

How tall is Yeonjun (TXT)?

His height is [in inches] or [in cm]

Who are Yeonjun (TXT)’s parents?

He did not reveal the names of his father and mother.

Is Yeonjun (TXT) married?

He is not married. Furthermore, there is no information on whether he is in a relationship or not.

Who is Yeonjun (TXT)’s ex-girlfriend?

None of his ex-girlfriend is known to the public. However, he used to be rumored to date Huh Yun-jin (Le Sserafim).

How rich is Yeonjun (TXT)?

His net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

What is Yeonjun (TXT) nationality?

His nationality is South Korean.

Yeonjun has proven his talent in singing and songwriting with TXT. He definitely plays an important part of the group.

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