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Milana Vayntrub is an American actress, comedian, and activist. She rose to prominence after starring in the AT&T TV commercian (2013–2016, 2020–present).

Her acting projects as an actress comprises of Other Space (2015), This Is Us (2016–2017), Squirrel Girl (2018–present) amongst other as well.


Milana Vayntrub ventured into the entertainment world when she was only five years of age. Her first project was to star in the Mattel Barbie commercial videos.

As she grew up, she became known for her presence on the YouTube channel LivePrude Girls and for her iconic role in the TV series College Humor Originals in 2011.

Throughout the years, she has featured in a lot of other TV series, for example, Above Average Presents (2013), Roommates Enemies (2012), The League (2012), and Daddy Knows Best (2012).

She has also carried out various roles in numerous movies such as Life Happens (2011), 6 Women (2010), Life’s Better with Baseball (2008), and Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita) (2008).

Yet, her most well-known work till today is the AT&T commercial videos that she starred in. Her performance there was what made her name soar up in the first place.

In 2016, she showcased her talent behind the camera by directing her first commercial video for Saltine Barrel Macaroni and Cheddar, which was considered worthy of an award.


  • Real Name: Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub
  • Stage Name: Milana Vayntrub
  • Also Known as: –
  • Nickname: Milana
  • Birthday: March 8, 1987
  • Birthplace: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: Uzbek-American
  • Height: 160 cm (5’3”)
  • Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Religion: Judaism
  • Professions: Actress, Comedian, Activist
  • Education: University of California San Diego (Arts), Beverly Hills High School
  • Hobby: Doing gymnastics
  • Parents: (Father)
  • Siblings: –
  • Boyfriend: John Mayer (2006 – 2007)
  • Facebook: Milana Vayntrub Official
  • Twitter: @MintMilana
  • Instagram: @mintmilana
  • TikTok: @mintmilana
  • YouTube: –

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

  • Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
  • Weight: 57 Kg (126 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Light brown
  • Body Measurements: 35-25-35 (Bust -35, Waist -25, and Hips -35 inches)
  • Shoe Size: –
  • Dress Size: 4 (US)


  • Father: Alexander Vayntrub 
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –
  • Children: 1

Husband, Boyfriend, & Dating History

John Mayer

She began dating John in 2006. Their romance lasted for about one year before they called it quits in 2007.

Not much is known about their relationship, including the reasons behind their separation.

Unknown Man

Milana is married, but the identity of her husband as well as most of their relationship details are kept tightly under the wraps.

The couple has one son, whose name is also not revealed.

Net Worth

According to multiple online sources, she’s estimated to have accumulated $3 million to $4 million. She appeared to earn her income mostly from acting and being a comedian.


  • Milana was born in the Soviet Union but later moved to the United States of America to flee religious persecution.
  • She is the co-founder of the Can’t Do Nothing campaign, whose purpose is to raise awareness about the European migrant crisis.
  • At first, she ventured into the entertainment industry due to her family’s financial crisis.
  • Milana admitted to having a complicated relationship with her father.
  • She has a confident and strong personality.
  • Her favorite colors are yellow and brown.
  • Milana moved to the United States of America when she was three years old.
  • She dropped out of high school after her sophomore year.
  • Her father left her along with her mother when she was a kid.
  • Milana once visited a family of refugees in Greece.
  • She wants to visit Italy.
  • Her father currently lives in Russia.
  • Milana once trained with the UCB improv comedy group from Chicago.
  • She is known to have been outspoken and critical of politics in the United States of America.
  • Her father used to work at a donut shop and bring home some when she was a kid.
  • Milana likes drinking Bloody Mary.
  • She loves donuts.
  • Milana participated in a beauty pageant competition when she was five years old and came out as the winner.
  • She used to work as a waitress before becoming famous.
  • Milana has a pet dog named Paisley.
  • She enjoys traveling.
  • Milana wants to work behind the camera as a writer or a director in the near future.
  • She believes in reincarnation.
  • Milana loves animals.
  • Her ideal type is…


  • Give Me an A (-), as…
  • Can’t Do Nothing VR: Refugees in Jordan (-), as the producer
  • Out of Office (2022), as Eliza
  • Werewolves Within (2021), as Cecily Moore
  • The Shabbos Goy (2019), as Hannah Levy
  • Mother’s Little Helpers (2019), as Lucy Pride, the co-producer, and the co-writer
  • Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts (2019), as Doreen Green
  • Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron (2019), as Doreen Green
  • Marvel Rising: Battle of the Bands (2019), as Doreen Green
  • Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri (2019), as Doreen Green
  • Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire (2019), as Doreen Green
  • Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018), as Doreen Green
  • Moving Violation (2018), as Tara
  • Brief (2017), as the associate producer
  • The Mad Ones (2017), as Nitin’s Groupie
  • All Nighter (2017), as Terri Sadler
  • Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (2016), as self
  • Untitled Laura Steinel Project (2016), as Alex
  • Ghostbusters (2016), as Subway Rat Woman
  • Tight Spot (2016), as Danielle
  • Let’s Do It (2015), as…
  • Normal Doors (2015), as Rory
  • Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling (2015), as Ultimate Warrior
  • This Is Why You’re Single (2014), as New Maria
  • CosmoNots (2013), as Annie
  • Sperm Bank (2013), as…
  • Bitchy Resting Face (2013), as Bitch on the Swing
  • Assassins Run (2013), as Nanny
  • Feather Weights (2012), as Rookie
  • Junk (2012), as Natasha
  • I Dunno (2012), as Janice and the producer
  • Give Up the Ghost (2012), as Margot
  • Machinima Comic-Con Live Stream 2012 (2012), as self
  • Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting (2011), as the director
  • Life Happens (2011), as Jayde’s Friend Tanya
  • 6 Women (2010), as Natalie Stone
  • Life’s Better with Baseball (2008), as Alyssa
  • Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita) (2008), as Anya
  • Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Earth (2007), as Sue

TV Series

  • Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show (Disney Channel | 2022), as Squirrel Girl
  • Die Hart (Roku Channel | 2020), as Leah
  • Dad (YouTube | 2019), as Diane
  • You’re Not a Monster (Amazon Prime Video | 2019), as Ring Girl
  • Kingpin Katie (YouTube | 2019), as The Newscaster
  • Marvel Rising: Initiation (Disney Channel | 2018), as Squirrel Girl
  • New Warriors (Freeform | 2018), as Doreen Green
  • Robot Chicken (Adult Swim | 2018), as Peppa Pig and the writer
  • I Love You, America (Hulu | 2018), as Brambi Streeter
  • Dallas & Robo (YouTube Premium | 2018), as Ellie
  • That Moment When (Eko | 2017), as Jill
  • Threads (BBC | 2017), as…
  • Drive Share (Abominable Pictures | 2017), as Passenger
  • This Is Us (NBC | 2016), as Sloane Sandburg
  • Lonely and Horny (YouTube | 2016), as Elana
  • Love (Netflix | 2016), as Natalie
  • Other Space (Yahoo! Screen | 2015), as Tina Shukshin
  • Silicon Valley (HBO | 2014), as Tara
  • Californication (Showtime | 2014), as Bad Actress
  • House of Lies (Showtime | 2014), as Christy
  • Key and Peele (Comedy Central | 2013), as Vampire
  • Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous (MTV | 2013), as Felcia
  • The Clandestine (Video Hacker | 2013), as Anna
  • Jake and Amir (YouTube | 2013), as Julia
  • Above Average Presents (Roku Channel | 2013), as The Girlfriend
  • Roommates Enemies (YouTube | 2012), as Denise
  • The League (FX | 2012), as Cute Girl in Bar
  • Daddy Knows Best (YouTube | 2012), as Nancy
  • CollegeHumor Originals (YouTube | 2011), as Molly, the director, and the writer
  • The Legend of Neil (Amazon Prime Video | 2010), as the post-production assistant
  • The Division (Lifetime | 2004), as Katerina Ominsky
  • Lizzie McGuire (Disney Channel | 2001), as Posse Member
  • Days of Our Lives (NBC | 1996), as Young Kristen Blake
  • ER (NBC | 1995), as Tatiana

TV Shows

  • Women of Marvel (YouTube | 2018), as a guest
  • Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Show (Disney XD | 2018), as a guest
  • The Night Time Show (ITV | 2018), as a guest
  • Never Not Funny (YouTube | 2018), as a guest
  • Hollywood Today Live (YouTube | 2017), as a guest
  • Nerd Talk with Jon Lee Brody (YouTube | 2016), as a guest
  • Box Angeles (YouTube | 2015), as a guest
  • @midnight (Comedy Central | 2015), as a guest
  • Food Network Star (CBS | 2013), as a guest
  • Dirty Talk Dating (MTV | 2012), as a guest

Music Video Appearances

  • Hungry Child (2019) – Hot Chip
  • You Make Me (Avicii by Avicii) (2014) – Avicii
  • Teenage Tide (2011) – Letting Up Despite Great Faults
  • Can’t Be Saved (2007) – Senses Fail


  • 2018 Telly Awards – Series-Comedy: Long Form or Series for Online – That Moment When
  • 2018 Telly Awards – Craft-Interactive Video for Online – That Moment When
  • 2018 Telly Awards – Series-Web Series: Scripted for Online – That Moment When
  • 2018 The Webby Awards – Video (Best Use of Interactive Video) – That Moment When


  • 2020 The Streamy Awards – Best Writing – Milana Vayntrub


“My mom worked in a factory that manufactured airplane parts and cleaned medical buildings at night, all while completing a program offered by the Jewish Federation to become a registered nurse at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. And my dad, he worked as a donut deliveryman.”

“[In 2020], I was in labor for so long I genuinely forgot I was in the hospital to have a baby. The pain had taken over, and I thought my life was just going to be about managing it.”

“My life as I know it, and motherhood as I know it, was shaped by my right to make choices about my own body. In that way, my birth story is inseparable from my abortion story.”

“Ten years ago, I was pregnant for the first time. I was living in an apartment I could barely afford with my first boyfriend out of college. We were doing whatever it took to get by.”

“Becoming a mother has made me even more adamant about access to safe, legal abortions. I now know how hard it is to carry a bowling ball-sized human to full term. I know the back-breaking will it takes to give birth to a baby. I know the toll of sleepless nights and a torn body, the necessity of support, the pause it puts on your career, relationships, and goals. I cannot fathom the cruelty of enduring all this plus a lifetime of childrearing if you do not want it.”

“My grandmother was a nanny for an Orthodox Jewish family, and she would come home and tell us about that.”

“Nobody is powerless.”

“I remember what it was like when my parents couldn’t help me with my homework because they couldn’t speak the language, or being a translator for my parents. I did that a lot.”

“Being an immigrant myself, but feeling very American, and also being the child of immigrants, I understand the feeling of wanting a home.”

“There are moments in your life where you realize you could do nothing, but if you do, you’ll probably regret it forever.”

“I do know what it’s like to be an outsider.”

“I was three years old, so I actually don’t remember much of the refugee process.”

“We had a lot of help when we got to America.”

“I think a lot of Americans forget that they are not originally from here, that somebody in their past was a refugee.”

“We’re so lucky to take being alive for granted.”

“I want to be able to enjoy my life to the fullest so I can add something to the lives of people around me.”

“The goal of Can’t Do Nothing is to ask people, what matters for you? And whatever it is, what are you doing about it? How bad does it need to get before you take action?”

“Commercial directing felt like a very natural transition from my comedy, sketch, music video directing experience.”

“Every opportunity I’ve had to work and act with incredibly talented directors, like Dean Holland was on ‘Love,’ and the writers and creators of that show, Judd Apatow, Paul Rust and Leslie Arfin, have been incredible learning experiences that have informed my creative process.”

Milana Vayntrub is a strong woman capable of making her name known for her talents and hard work. It is not an easy feat, but as an entertainer, she managed to shine on her own.

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