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Caitlin Michelle Siragusa, better known by the stage name Amouranth, is an American cosplayer, Twitch streamer, YouTube star, Onlyfans star who makes content about ASMR, costumes, dance and hot tube shows.

In this case, since 2016, she has become famous for the excellent content of her costumes – especially as a cosplayer. With this in mind, she has a huge following across the globe through her social media.


Amouranth began her career in cosplay on social media as she was inspired by her college major and interest in costumes.

In 2010, she majored in Fashion Design and Theatrical Costume Design. After that, she received a recommendation from her professor as a costume designer for the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet.

For these reasons, she started a personal character company for children’s entertainment.

In 2016, she received an offer from streaming company Twitch to join a costume making live stream to create content.

Keeping this in mind, the audience responded well to Amouranth content. By the way, she also does a lot of adult content through her platform.

She also created a fans-only account for adult content to gain wider attention.

Not only this, she also created other social media Instagram, TikTok and Twitter to make her career as a big star.

Surprisingly, she also turned her attention to the business world by buying a gas station leased to Circle K via Twitter 2021.

The following year, she expanded the business by buying an inflatable pool play company.

Moreover, she also started a company matching personal assistants with content creators.


Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 163 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Body Measurements: 33-24-34
  • Shoe Size: 6 US
  • Dress Size: 4 US

the family

  • Father:-
  • Mother:-
  • Brother:-
  • Sister:-

Husbands, boyfriends and dating history

Nick Lee

In 2016, Amouranth had a special relationship with her ex-husband Nick Lee. She first met Nick in Los Angeles.

However, she receives inappropriate treatment from her husband for financial control and threatens to kill her pet if she does not comply with his requests.

Due to this incident, she sought legal advice to recover the finances and leave her husband behind.

Matte bar

As a famous streamer, she is famous with Matt Bar. But there is no important information regarding the dating of the two.

In January 2022, she announced that she had acquired an inflatable pool toy company through her stream. In this case, she never ignored the rumors that Matt Barr was her boyfriend.

Hence, the fact that the relationship between the two is close is a rumor circulating on the internet that has caught the attention of many people.


In November 2022, it went live. She is accompanied by a man named Aaron, who appears to be her first date.

They went on a hiking activity before going to dinner.

Not much is known about Aaron, except that he is a 34-year-old bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Net worth

Amouranth’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. Her wealth is earned from multiple jobs like Twitch Streamer, YouTube Star, OnlyFans Star and Cosplayer.

Just fans

She has earned a lot since she started making fans only. In this case, Amaranth has confirmed through a Twitter post that she reaches $1.4-1.5 million USD per month from her core fans alone.

This amount does not total merchandise sales, advertising revenue from free OnlyFans, Twitch or other broadcasts, or his Patreon revenue.


Banned multiple times on Twitch for inappropriate behavior and clothing

She was first banned from Twitch in September 2019 for a wardrobe malfunction.

During the live stream, she was sitting on the floor playing with her puppy. However, she accidentally exposed herself to viewers several times.

This led to Twitch banning her. The controversy reportedly earned her hundreds of thousands of new followers on the platform.

She was banned again in March 2020. According to Twitch, this was due to her inappropriate behavior.

Many people speculated that it was because of her recent gym livestream, as she wears very revealing clothes.

This made her lose a lot of followers in her first banning deal.

It only took her two months to get banned again on Twitch. This time, someone in her stream chat used a clear profile picture, causing the image to appear briefly in the chat.

The picture was picked up by Twitch and she was banned for several days.

In June 2021, a month later, she was banned again for performing sexually suggestive ASMR. During an ASMR stream, she licks her microphone.

Abused by her ex-husband

In October 2022, she appeared on a live stream and revealed abusive allegations against her husband. Prior to this event, she was never revealed to be married.

At the same time, a snippet video surfaced on social media showing her breaking down in tears during a phone call with her husband Nick Lee.

the facts

  • Born in Houston, Texas, USA, Amouranth is an only child.
  • From a young age, she was very interested in video games and anime, which later inspired her to design various cosplay costumes.
  • Her aunt was one of the people who was instrumental in teaching Amourant to succeed in cosplay.
  • She won her first award at a cosplay convention by dressing up as Zelda’s daughter from the video game franchise.
  • Besides being busy being a big star, she spends her free time with her two horses and two dogs.
  • On October 15, 2022, she announced her marriage to her husband of many years, through a live-stream channel.
  • She expanded her business into the gas station sector and an inflatable pool toy company.
  • She has verified badges from TikTok, Twitch and Twitter.
  • Her ideal type is…

T. V. series

  • Attack of the Show (TV-14|2022), as himself
  • Amazing Lucas (TV-MA |2022), as himself
  • Geeks + Gamers (TV-14 | 2022), as himself
  • RK Chowki (G4TV | 2022), as himself
  • Quartering (TV-14 | 2022), as himself
  • Black conservative perspective (G4TV | 2022), as himself

programs on TV

  • My life online (Vice TV | 2021), as himself
  • Cracker Extravaganza (H3 Podcast Channel | 2021), himself

Music video scene

  • worse down – Amaranth (2022)


  • 2022 The Streamer Awards – The best ASMR streamer


“Influencers are buying new cars.. Meanwhile, I’m flexing at the gas station.”

“Asking if someone just has fans says more about the asker than the asker.”

“I make money all day long, buy new ponies, do online farming commerce to buy farming in real life.”

“Most people don’t want advice to help them succeed. Because taking those actions and making those changes is hard, difficult, and painful. They want to be kind to other people who are failing. “

“I’ve been living as a renter in your head since I started. You say you’re a hater but you’re like a fan. You talk a lot about me, just change your name to Stan. Keep your mouth shut, I think my Google trends are up again.”

“Social media is literally the town square/public forum today. It would be like a big corporation buying up all the publicly available space for a lecture or gathering, then regulating speech in that space as they see fit.”

Overall, Amouranth is a successful star who is promoting her career online and through social media. Not only this, she is also focused on developing her business.

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