A Review of “Under Paris”

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Giant Shark in the Sewers of Paris: A Review of “Under Paris” Imagine a giant shark lurking in the sewers of Paris. Sounds absurd, right? That’s the story of “Under Paris,” a movie that mixes cheesy fun with a hint of environmental commentary. But is this film worth your time? Let’s explore the good, the bad, and the overall experience of “Under Paris.”

Cheesetastic Fun

If you enjoy movies like “Snakes on a Plane” for their sheer absurdity, “Under Paris” will be perfect for you. The film embraces its ridiculous premise with enthusiasm. The over-the-top energy will have you laughing more than screaming. It doesn’t aim to be as scary as “Jaws.” Instead, it offers unintentional humor that makes it a fun watch.

Surprisingly Competent

For a low-budget shark movie, “Under Paris” stands out. The acting is better than expected, with performances that keep you engaged. The plot moves quickly, avoiding the slow pace that many monster movies have. The special effects aren’t groundbreaking, but they are watchable and sometimes impressive. This makes the film more enjoyable than other similar movies.


An unexpected aspect of “Under Paris” is its weak attempt at an environmental message. The movie tries to add depth by highlighting issues related to pollution and environmental neglect. Although not deeply explored, this eco-twist adds a bit more substance to the otherwise straightforward monster mayhem.

A Review of Under Paris

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The Bad

Silly Premise

The idea of a giant shark swimming through the sewers of Paris is hard to believe. The film doesn’t even try to make it realistic. This can be both good and bad. On one hand, it embraces its silliness. On the other hand, it’s hard to fully immerse yourself in the story due to the absurd premise.

Uneven Tone

“Under Paris” struggles to balance goofy action with genuine scares. The film flips between intended comedy and attempts at horror, leaving the audience unsure how to feel. This uneven tone can be jarring, making it hard to settle into the movie’s rhythm.

CGI Shark

The quality of the shark effects varies throughout the film. Sometimes, the CGI is passable. Other times, it looks like something from an early 2000s video game. This inconsistency can pull you out of the experience, especially during key action scenes where you expect the visuals to be at their best.

Overall Impression

Popcorn Flick

“Under Paris” is the epitome of a popcorn flick. It’s perfect for a casual movie night with friends where you can laugh, riff, and enjoy the absurdity together. If you’re looking for a mindless shark movie to entertain you, this film fits the bill.

Lack of Plausibility and Scares

However, if you’re seeking a genuinely scary or plausible horror movie, “Under Paris” might not be for you. The unrealistic elements and lack of serious scares mean it won’t satisfy fans of more traditional horror films. It’s more about the fun of the ride than the terror of the shark.

Detailed Breakdown

Plot Summary

The film begins with reports of strange occurrences in the Paris sewers. The city is puzzled until the truth is revealed: a giant shark is terrorizing the underground tunnels. The protagonist, an environmental scientist, teams up with a local sewer worker to stop the menace. Along the way, they uncover a conspiracy linked to pollution and neglect that led to the shark’s presence.


Dr. Emily Parker: An environmental scientist passionate about saving the planet. She is the film’s lead character and brings a touch of seriousness to the otherwise silly plot.

Jean Dupont: A sewer worker who knows the tunnels better than anyone. His practical knowledge is crucial in the fight against the shark.

Mayor Bernard: The skeptical city official who initially dismisses the shark reports as nonsense. He eventually realizes the gravity of the situation.

The Shark: The main antagonist. Its origins are linked to pollution and environmental neglect, adding a layer of commentary to the story.


Environmental Neglect: The film attempts to highlight the consequences of pollution and environmental neglect. This theme is woven into the plot, giving it a bit more depth than a typical monster movie.

Teamwork: The characters must work together to solve the problem. Their combined efforts highlight the importance of cooperation in the face of danger.

Absurdity: At its core, the film embraces its ridiculous premise. It’s meant to be enjoyed as a fun, over-the-top experience rather than a serious thriller.

Pros and Cons


  1. Entertaining: The film is fun and engaging, perfect for a light-hearted movie night.
  2. Decent Acting: The performances are surprisingly good for a low-budget film.
  3. Fast-Paced Plot: The story moves quickly, keeping the audience engaged.
  4. Humor: The unintentional humor adds to the film’s charm.


  1. Unbelievable Premise: The idea of a giant shark in the sewers of Paris is hard to take seriously.
  2. Uneven Tone: The film struggles to balance humor and horror, leading to a jarring viewing experience.
  3. Inconsistent CGI: The quality of the shark effects varies, sometimes pulling the audience out of the story.

Final Thoughts

“Under Paris” is a unique blend of absurdity and mild environmental commentary. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it a fun watch for those who enjoy cheesy monster movies. While it has its flaws, the film’s charm lies in its over-the-top premise and unexpected humor.

If you’re in the mood for a light, entertaining movie that you can laugh at with friends, “Under Paris” is a great choice. Just don’t expect a serious or scary horror film. Embrace the silliness, enjoy the ride, and remember that sometimes, the most ridiculous premises can make for the most fun movie experiences.

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