Mother of the Bride Review: Netflix Rom-Com with Heart

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Mother of the Bride: A Review : Calling all rom-com fans! Netflix’s newest offering, “Mother of the Bride,” is here to bring the laughs and warm your heart. Let’s dive into this movie and see if it lives up to the classic romantic comedy formula.

Familiar Faces, Fresh Story

The film stars Hollywood veterans Brooke Shields and Benjamin Bratt. Shields plays Lana, a single mom whose world gets turned upside down when her daughter Emma (played by Nicky Whelan) announces a whirlwind wedding. There’s just one small complication: Emma’s fiancé, Rick (Diego Bonilla), is the son of Jack (Benjamin Bratt), Lana’s ex-fiancé who left her heartbroken years ago. This unexpected twist throws Lana and Jack back into each other’s lives, forcing them to confront old wounds and re-evaluate their feelings.

Mother of the Bride Review

Photo Credit : Netflix

A Story with Layers

“Mother of the Bride” isn’t just a light and fluffy rom-com. While it has plenty of funny moments, it also explores the complexities of family relationships, second chances, and the challenges of facing the past. Lana’s journey of self-discovery as she grapples with her feelings for Jack is relatable and heartwarming. The film also touches on the mother-daughter bond between Lana and Emma, showcasing the challenges and joys of letting go as your child starts their own life.

Chemistry is Key

The success of any romantic comedy hinges on the chemistry between the lead actors. Luckily, Shields and Bratt deliver. Their on-screen connection is undeniable, and they manage to capture the spark of a rekindled romance with both humor and tenderness. Their comedic timing is perfect, and they deliver witty dialogue with ease.

Supporting Cast Steals the Show

While Shields and Bratt are the main attraction, the supporting cast adds another layer of entertainment. Diana-Maria Riva shines as Sofia, Lana’s free-spirited best friend who offers hilarious advice and unwavering support. Hector Elizondo brings warmth and charm to the role of Arturo, Lana’s supportive father. The younger cast members also hold their own, with Whelan and Bonilla showcasing a believable young couple in love.

Beautiful Backdrop

The film takes place on a picturesque tropical island, providing a stunning backdrop for the story. The lush scenery and vibrant colors add to the overall feel-good atmosphere of the movie.

Not Without Flaws

“Mother of the Bride” isn’t a perfect film. The plot follows a fairly predictable rom-com formula, with some familiar tropes and clichés. There are moments where the dialogue feels forced, and some characters could have been developed further.

A Fun Escape

Despite these minor flaws, “Mother of the Bride” is a delightful and entertaining film. It’s a perfect choice for a cozy night in when you’re looking for a good laugh and a heartwarming story. The strong performances, beautiful setting, and charming story make it a worthwhile watch for fans of the rom-com genre.

Mother of the Bride:

DirectorMark Waters
Written byRobin Bernheim
Character LanaBrooke Shields
Character “Will“Benjamin Bratt
Character EmmaMiranda Cosgrove
Character RJSean Teale
Character JaniceRachael Harris
Other Actors and ActressesChad Michael Murray, Wilson Cruz,
Michael McDonald, Tasneem Roc, Dalip Sondhi

The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a predictable but enjoyable romantic comedy with a touch of heart, “Mother of the Bride” is a good option. The strong performances by the cast, beautiful visuals, and relatable themes make it a fun escape for viewers seeking a light and heartwarming story.

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