Im Si Wan – Age, Girlfriend, Instagram, Height, Net worth

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Im Si Wan is a South Korean singer and actor.

He is initially known as a member of ZE:A before successfully pursuing a career in acting and starring in several drama series. Misaeng: The Imperfect Life (2014), Strangers from Hell (2019), and Squid Game S2 (2023).


Im Si Wan attended the Chin Chin Song Festival when he was recruited by Star Empire. He immediately joined the agency and became a trainee.

After about three years of training, the singer was placed in a new group called ZE:A.

He made his debut in this group in January 2010. Their debut album was a single titled born.

This album was a big hit. It managed to reach number 1 on the Artist Chart and Album Chart Dam.

Aside from doing group activities with ZE:A, Si Wan also has an acting career. In 2010, he appeared as a cameo in various TV serials.

However, he made his official debut in the 2012 series The moon embracing the sun.

In 2013, this guy from Busan grabbed everyone’s attention with his acting. At that time he got the lead role in the film. Attorney.

The film was a commercial and critical success. It also helped take his career to new heights.

In 2014, the actor further strengthened his position in the entertainment industry. During this time he acted in a TV serial Misaeng: The Imperfect Life.

The series was very successful, garnering high ratings throughout its runtime.

Si Wan continued to act in various series and films. Some of his achievements can be seen in this a line (2017), Hell is other people (2019), and Declaration of emergency (2020).


  • Real name: Im Woong Jae (임웅재), legally changed to Im Si Wan (임시완)
  • Stage Name: Im Si Wan
  • Nickname:-
  • Birthday: 1 December 1988
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Religion:-
  • Occupation: Actor, Singer
  • Location: Singer, Visual
  • Education: Busan National University, University of East Broadcasting, Wooseong Information College
  • Hobbies:-
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter: @Siwan_ZEA
  • threads: @yim_siwang
  • Im Si Wan Instagram: @yim_siwang
  • Tiktok :-
  • YouTube:-
  • Weibo: 任时完_ZEA
  • Fan Cafe: yimsiwanauthorized

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Im Si Wan Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight: 63 kg (139 lb)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Body Measurements: 40-30-12 (Bust-40, Waist-30, and Hips-12 inches)
  • Shoe Measurements:-

the family

  • Father:-
  • Mother:-
  • Brother:-
  • Sister:-

Im Si Wan Girlfriend and dating history

Kang Hye Won (IZ*ONE)

In September 2023, an anonymous post titled ‘Dating suspicions between actors Im Si Wan and Kang Hye Won’ was posted in various online communities.

The rumors started because there was a photo that showed the actor and Kang Hye Won, a former member of the girl group IZ*ONE, hanging out together.

There was also another photo of him signing autographs for some kids at a Korean BBQ restaurant.

Later, the dating rumors were debunked and it was confirmed that the photos were taken because the two are starring in Kupang Play’s new webdrama series. Boyhood.

Im Si Wan Net worth

According to multiple sources, he is estimated to have amassed a net worth of $1 million to $5 million. He earns most of his income by working as an actor and singer in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Plastic surgery

It is not known whether he has undergone any cosmetic surgery or not.

In an episode of KBS hello Aired in April 2013, he personally addressed rumors of his plastic surgery, stating that he has “personally never gone under the knife.”

the facts

  • Si Wan grew up in Busan.
  • He has an elder sister.
  • He can play guitar and violin.
  • The actor loves snowboarding and skiing.
  • In 2010, he legally changed his name from Woong Jae to Si Wan.
  • He has been working under Plum Entertainment since 2017.
  • His new agency was expected to make him a full-time actor.
  • He already completed his military duty from July 2017 to March 2019.
  • Due to his good performance, he became an assistant coach for new recruits.
  • The singer is known as a decent and humble person.
  • He is a quiet person who thinks before speaking in interviews.
  • He can also be very funny and open around his close friends.
  • Si Wan often makes funny faces in pictures around people close to him.
  • He is very close to fellow ZE: One member Park Hyung Sik, even calling him a soulmate.
  • He loves playing and solving Rubik’s Cube.
  • Michael Bublé is his favorite foreign singer.
  • He used to learn to play go (바둑) in elementary school.
  • He was class president from third grade in elementary school to third grade in high school.
  • This K-pop idol is a fan of the football club Arsenal.
  • He likes to eat pork rice soup with kakkadugi and sundae.
  • In 2021, they donated 40 million won to the Korea Community Chest to help families in need.
  • His ideal type is someone who has the same interests as him.


  • Unlocked (2023), as Oh Joon Yeong
  • Road to Boston (2023), as Suh Eun Bok
  • Declaration of emergency (2022), as Jin Seok
  • merciless (2017), as Jo Hyun Soo
  • a line (2017), as Min J
  • A melody to remember (2016), as Second Lieutenant Han Sang Yeol
  • Attorney (2013), as Park Jin Woo
  • Ronin Pop (2011), as Lee


  • Squid Game S2 (Netflix | 2023), as TBA
  • childhood (Koopang Play | 2023), as Jung Byung Tae
  • Missing: Second side 2 (tvN | 2022-2023), as Happy Man (ep.14)
  • summer strike (ENA, Genie TV, Seezn | 2022), as An Dae Beom
  • forty nine (JTBC | 2022), as Im Si Wan (ep.10).
  • Tracer (MBC, Wavve | 2022), Hwang Dong Joo
  • run (JTBC | 2020), as Ki Seon Gyeom
  • Stranger from Hell (OCN | 2019), as Yoon Jong Woo
  • king in love (MBC | 2017), as Wang Won
  • Misaeng: The Imperfect Life (tvN | 2014), as Jang Geu Rae
  • triangle (MBC | 2014), as Yoon Yang Ha / Jang Dong Woo (youngest brother).
  • pure love (KBS2 | 2013), as Jung Woo Sung (Young).
  • Answer 1997 (tvN | 2012), as Jeong Seok Won (ep.4).
  • standby (MBC | 2012), as Im Si Wan
  • Man from the Equator (KBS2 | 2012), as Lee Jang Il (Teen).
  • The moon embracing the sun (MBC | 2012), as Heo Yeom (Teen).

programs on TV

  • Actors in Travel (JTBC ⏐ 2023), as himself (cast member)
  • Home on wheels (tvN ⏐ 2021), as himself (cast member)
  • Law of the Jungle: Micronesia (SBS ⏐ 2013), as himself (cast member)
  • The birth of a family (SBS ⏐ 2012), as himself (cast member)

Music video scene

  • the whistle (2014) – Acoustic Collabo
  • Heart said (2014) – SoReal
  • for one year (2012) – Zia
  • secret love (2012) – Goo Hara


  • 2017 The Soul Award – Best Popular Actor – merciless
  • 2015 APAN Star Award – Best Actor – Miseng
  • 2015 Korea Drama Awards – Jury Award – Miseng
  • 2015 Baeksang Arts Award – Best New Actor – Miseng
  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actor – triangle
  • 2014 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Popularity Award
  • 2014 Baeksang Art Award – Fashionista


“I try my best every day. If there is only one fan I like, I will do my best for that fan.”

“I would love to be a hero like Spider-Man or Iron Man one day. I find being a superhero fascinating and cool. As you know, I’m not a big guy but just wanted to show that “anyone can be anything”. That’s one of my favorite lines from the movie Zootopia.”

“Actually, I’m afraid of looking authentic. I’m still working on my acting because I haven’t been in this career long and how to do it well. So when I shoot and when I want to look authentic, I decide to imagine everything as real.”

“I want to console the fans who have supported me. I’m not that much of an exaggeration type of person. When I’m acting, if I’m sad, I just want to express that sad feeling. If I’m happy, I want to express happy feelings, that’s all. So, whoever watches my films and plays, I hope they don’t feel any uncomfortable feelings.”

Photo by Im Si Wan

1. Si Wan does a great job modeling the outfit

Im Si Wan - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

2. The close-up really shows off his perfect face

Im Si Wan - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

3. It looks more handsome on dark colors

Im Si Wan - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

4. Love his style in this picture

Korean Actor - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

5. Si Wan looks amazing in his winter outfit

Korean Actor - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

Frequently Asked Questions

who is Im Si Wan?

That one South Korean singer and actor.

who is Im Si WanReal name of?

His real name is Im Woong Jae (임웅재), but legally changed to Im Si Wan (임시완).

what does Im Si Wan Famous?

He is initially known as a member of ZE:A before successfully pursuing a career in acting and starring in several drama series. Misaeng: The Imperfect Life (2014), Strangers from Hell (2019), and Squid Game S2 (2023).

where is Im Si Wan From?

He was born in Busan, South Korea.

how old is Im Si Wan?

He was born in 1988 and is 36 years old as of 2024.

when Im Si Wan Celebrate his birthday?

It is celebrated on the 1st of every December.

how tall Im Si Wan?

His height is 5’6″ or 168 cm.

who are Im Si Wanof parents?

He did not disclose the names of his father and mother.

is Im Si Wan Married?

He is not married. Moreover, there is no information about whether he is in a relationship or not.

who is Im Si WanEx-girlfriend of?

His ex-girlfriend is unknown. However, he was rumored to date Kang Hye Won (IZ*ONE).

how rich Im Si Wan?

His net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

what is Im Si Wan Nationality of?

His nationality is South Korean.

Im Si Wan has experienced tremendous success as a role model and actor. He is definitely a talent to watch out for.

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