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Lee Jin Wook is a South Korean actor. He became famous for his roles in various drama serials like The glass castle (2008-2009), Nine (2013), The Time We Were Not In Love (2015), and house Series (2020-2024).


Even though Lee Jin Wook’s educational background is not related to his acting career, Lee Jin Wook has already proved that he was really serious in this industry.

After this girl actor dropped out of college to pursue acting, he made a big shot by debuting as a lead actor in a film. my new boyfriend In 2004.

Two years later, Jin appeared in a Korean drama called Wook Laugh, again And sometime. Then in 2007, he became a huge success by acting Air City With Choi Ji Woo.

In 2009, he enlisted for military service until 2011. After returning to acting, he appeared directly. Myung Wol the spy (2011) and I need romance 2 (2012).

Afterwards, Jin Wook continued his acting career by starring in several dramas, such as The Three Musketeers (2014), The Time We Were Not In Love (2015), Voice 2 (2018), Voice 3 (2019), house (2020), Voice 4 (2021), and Balgasal (2021).


  • Real Name: Lee Jin Wook (이진욱)
  • Stage Name: Lee Jin Wook (이진욱)
  • Lee Jin Wook, also known as Lee Jin Wook
  • Nickname:-
  • Birthday: 16 September 1981
  • Birthplace: Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Religion:-
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Education: Environmental Engineering, Cheongju University
  • Hobbies:-
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter:-
  • Threads:-
  • Lee Jin Wook Instagram: @Actorleejinwook
  • YouTube:-
  • TikTok:-

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Lee Jin Wook Height: 183 cm (6’0)
  • Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
  • Blood type: a
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Body Measurements: 41-33-14 (Bust-41, Waist-33, and Arms-14 inches)
  • Shoe Measurements:-

the family

  • Father:-
  • Mother:-
  • Brother:-
  • Sister: 3

Lee Jin Wook Girlfriend and dating history

Choi Ji Woo

Lee Jin Wook started dating his co-star Choi Ji Woo Air City (2007), in 2009.

Unfortunately, the couple split in 2011 after three years of dating. They drew intense public and media attention as one of the many reasons behind their split.

Gong Hyo Jin

The actor was seen going on several dates with Gong Hyo Jin in May 2014. Soon after, both their agencies confirmed their relationship.

Unfortunately, the news and confirmation of their split came just three months later. It is not known why they broke up.

Lee Jin Wook Net worth

Several sources estimate his net worth to be around $1 million to $5 million. He appears to have earned his income primarily from acting as an actor in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Plastic surgery

It is not known whether he has undergone any cosmetic surgery or not.

the facts

  • Lee Jin Wook is managed by BH Entertainment.
  • Jin Wook is the youngest son in his family.
  • He dropped out of college to pursue his dream of becoming a talented actor.
  • He once dated popular Korean actress Choi Ji Woo.
  • But after his comeback, they broke up.
  • Jin Wook also had a relationship with Gong Hyo Jin, but it later broke up.
  • He does not drink and smoke in his real life.
  • He loves art exhibitions.
  • Jin Wook chooses sneakers as his favorite footwear.
  • Classical music is his favorite genre.
  • He is a private person.
  • Jin Wook has tried many characters in his acting projects, such as baseball players, airport workers, plastic surgeons, etc.
  • He revealed that his facial expressions are very versatile because during his childhood days, his parents told him about various diverse expressions.
  • He wants to play all kinds of characters and hone his skills in acting.
  • He admitted that he doesn’t think he’s ‘boyfriend material’.
  • Jin Wook is a person who is not afraid to take any risk.
  • He usually doesn’t spend much time deciding whether to join a project.
  • Jin Wook appeared in a few MVs, viz my love By Shin Seung Hun.
  • He became good friends with some actors like Lee Dong Wook and Kim Ji Seok.
  • Jin Wook is a good friend of Kim Ji Suk, Lee Dong Gun and Jun Ki.
  • He idolizes Hyorin from SISTAR a lot.
  • Jin Wook enlisted in the military from May 6, 2009 to March 7, 2011.
  • His ideal type is a woman with long hair, her height is 164 cm or less, warm, caring and good at conversation. He chooses Suzy as his ultimate ideal type.


  • A Year-End Medley (2021), as Jin Ho
  • high society (2018), as Shin Ji Ho
  • Tiger in winter (2018), as Kyung Yoo
  • Time Renegades (2016), as Gun Woo
  • Inner beauty (2015), as Woo Jin
  • target (2014), as Dr
  • Miss Grandma (2014), as Seung Woo


  • Squid Game S2 (Netflix | 2023), as TBA
  • Sweet Home 3 (Netflix | 2024), as Pyeon Sang Wook
  • Sweet Home 2 (Netflix | 2023), as Pyeon Sang Wook
  • Doona! (Netflix | 2023), as manager Park In Wook
  • Welcome to Wedding Hell (KakaoTV, Netflix | 2022), as Seo Jun Hyeong
  • Bulgasal: Immortal Spirit (tvN | 2021-2022), as Dan Hwal / Bulgasal
  • house (Netflix | 2020), as Pyeon Sang Wook
  • Voice 3 (OCN | 2019), as Do Kang Woo
  • Voice 2 (OCN | 2018), as Doo Kang Woo
  • back (SBS | 2018), as Dokgo Young
  • Goodbye Mr. Black (MBC | 2016), as Cha Ji-won (Mr. Black).
  • The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS | 2015), as Choi Won
  • The Three Musketeers (tvN | 2014), as Crown Prince Sohyeon
  • Nine: Time travel 9 times (tvN | 2013), as Park Sun Woo
  • In Need of Romance 2012 (tvN | 2012), as Yoon Seok Hyun
  • Spy MyeongWol (KBS2 | 2011), as Choi Ryu
  • City of Glass (SBS | 2008–2009), as Kim Joon Sung
  • before and after (MBC | 2008)
  • formidable opponent (KBS2 | 2008), as Kang Soo Ho
  • Air City (MBC | 2007), as Kang Ha Joon
  • smile again (SBS | 2006), as Yun Jae Myeong
  • reincarnation (KBS2 | 2005), as Steven Lee
  • sometime (OCN | 2006), as Lim Suk Man
  • alone in love (SBS | 2006), as Min Hyun Joong

Music video scene

  • my love (2009) – Shin Seung Hun
  • Do Rs Rs (2005) – Ahn Jae Wook
  • the usurper (2004) – Kim Dong Ryol feat. Lee So Yoon
  • Misty Moon (2004) – Lim Hyung Joo
  • As for my love (2002) – Jung Jae Hyung


  • 2016 Korea Film Actors Association Awards – Grand Prize – Time Renegades
  • 2013 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards – 20’s Drama Star (Male) – Nine
  • 2006 SBS Drama Awards – New Star Award – Alone in love, smile again


  • 2018 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama – back
  • 2015 SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (with Ha Ji Won) – The Time We Were Not In Love
  • 2015 SBS Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Awards – The Time We Were Not In Love
  • 2015 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries – The Time We Were Not In Love
  • 2013 Korea Drama Awards – Grand Prize (Daesang) – Nine
  • 2013 APAN Star Award – Excellence Award, Actor – Nine
  • 2008 Korea Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Award – The glass castle
  • 2008 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama – The glass castle


“Regardless of genre, I’ve realized that seeing and feeling something can help my performance. So, I’m not particularly picky about which genres to watch; I think the story is more important. “

“I prefer movies and dramas that depict complex and subtle emotions between people.”

“I believe that the most important thing (in a survival situation) is to avoid wasting resources unnecessarily, be it life or death, food, weapons or even where to go. It’s about being cautious and moving forward. “

“Collecting Nike sneakers has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so when I started earning for myself, I slowly started buying them one by one.”

“These days I sometimes play golf or go fishing. I also enjoy going out to have a good meal with friends and engage in casual conversation.”

“I want to go on an unforgettable trip somewhere. I’m not sure exactly what I will do to create those unforgettable and happy moments, but I hope it will be worth the time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

who is Lee Jin Wook?

He is a South Korean actor.

who is Lee Jin WookReal name of?

His real name is Lee Jin Wook (이진욱).

what does Lee Jin Wook Famous?

He became famous for his roles in various drama serials like The glass castle (2008-2009), Nine (2013), The Time We Were Not In Love (2015), and house Series (2020-2024).

where is Lee Jin Wook From?

He was born in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea.

how old is Lee Jin Wook?

He was born in 1981 and will be 43 years old as of 2024.

when Lee Jin Wook Celebrate his birthday?

It is celebrated on 16th of September every year.

how tall Lee Jin Wook?

His height is 6’0″ or 183 cm.

who are Lee Jin Wookof parents?

He did not disclose the names of his father and mother.

is Lee Jin Wook Married?

He is not married. Moreover, there is no information about whether he is in a relationship or not.

who is Lee Jin WookEx-girlfriend of?

Choi Ji Woo and Gong Hyo Jin are his ex-girlfriends.

how rich Lee Jin Wook?

His net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

what is Lee Jin WookNationality of?

His nationality is South Korean.

As a senior actor, Lee Jin Wook is extremely talented and charming. He is also very skilled, expert and charismatic.

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