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Monkey D. Luffy is the hero of the famous manga a piece Written by Ichiro Oda. Popular for his powers as a rubber man, he is a childlike character.

He likes freedom and sometimes does whatever he wants as a pirate.

Dreaming of becoming a pirate king, he belongs to the worst generation, the generation that takes great action against the world government.

In the first chapter, he is seen wearing a sleeveless red vest with sandals and blue trousers. His trademark outfit is his straw hat, which he gets from Red-Hair Shanks.

His body is slim and muscular. He has black hair and round eyes.

Below his left eye, there is a scar with two stitches that he received from his actions to gain acknowledgment from Shanks.

He is a confident person who has unwavering faith in himself. He is also fearless and childlike.

He can be greedy, especially when it comes to food. He is greedy to protect his crew and is willing to sacrifice himself for their protection.


  • Real Name: Monkey D Ruffy (モンキー・Dー・ルフィ- )
  • Stage Name: Monkey D. Luffy
  • Also known as: Luffy, Lucy (ルーシ- Rushi), Joy Boy (ジョイボイー-Joi Boi), Luffy-tarou (ルフィ太郎 -Luffytaro), Straw Hat, Rubber Man
  • Nickname: Luffy
  • Birthday: 5 May (Children’s Day)
  • Age:
    7 years old (debut);
    17 years old (pre-time excluded);
    19 years old (excluding post-time);
  • Gender Male
  • Species: Rubber Man
  • Friends: Civilian, Shanks, Red Haired Pirate, Cabbage, Laboon
  • Hobbies: Partying, Adventures
  • Manga Debut: One Piece Chapter 1
  • Anime Debut: One Piece Episode 1
  • Japanese VA: Mayumi Tanaka
  • English VA:
    Chuck Power (Odex English VA);
    Bella Hudson (4Kids English VA);
    Colleen Clinkenbird (Funny English VA)

Height, weight, personal appearance

  • Height:
    91 cm (211″) (Chapter 1);
    172 cm (5’7″) (from end to Chapter 1);
    174 cm (5’8″) (after time skip)
  • Weight: 64 kg (141 lb)
  • Blood type: F
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black

the family

  • Father: Monkey D. Dragon
  • Mother: Curly Dadan (adoptive mother)
  • Brother: Portgas d. Ace (adopted older brother, deceased), Sabo (adopted older brother)
  • Sister:-

the facts

  • He is a member of the D-Clan, who are considered enemies of God. Trace zero century and it can trace the lineage of family D. Although he is not aware of this race, his hunger for freedom will be in the great dawn that awaits the world.
  • Belonging to the D race, he possesses natural charisma, voracious appetite, leadership skills, and a willingness to smile in the face of death.
  • Being a rubber man, he can stretch his body parts and is usually ready to fight.
  • When he is 19 years old, he is the youngest of the 12 members of the Worst Generation and the four emperors.
  • He is similar to Son Goku from Dragon Ball in terms of his childishness and naivety, his black messy hair, and his eating habits. His name Monkey also refers to Goku’s Saiyan tail, which resembles a monkey’s tail.
  • His birthday, which falls on Children’s Day, is a reference to his childish nature.
  • Killing enemies is not his style. He is more likely to let them live to see their dreams shattered.
  • His love of flesh is beyond imagination. It smells exactly like meat and what’s in it, even though it’s mostly meat.
  • His character is straightforward and simple. That’s why he doesn’t have many thought bubbles.


  • He has considerable physical strength due to the training he received from his grandfather. Although his physical size is smaller than the most powerful fighter in the world. He was able to become physically stronger by being hypnotized.
  • His grandfather exposed him to various training methods that gave him great endurance and willpower.
  • His charisma is one of his strengths as he can recruit allies wherever he goes. He is able to make friends quickly and his willingness to do anything to help his friends earns him the respect of those around him.
  • He is one of two people in the world capable of using three forms of Haki, a power that allows the user to use their spiritual energy for various purposes. He then uses his Haki to knock out members of the Fake Straw Hat Crew and 50,000 members of the New Fish-Man Pirates.
  • He is nicknamed the Rubber Man because he can stretch, bounce, twist and bend his body like rubber. He gains this power after eating a Devil Fruit and it enables him to fight at will.
  • He has the ability to escape attacks quickly as he has great speed, reflexes and agility.


  • His great resistance makes him immune to light, but he can be damaged by fire, ice, or other elements such as cuts or stabs.
  • In the early days a piece Chapter, shows that it is necessary to recall his stretched limbs after an attack, because if he comes unprepared, it can make him vulnerable.


“Go away! I’m not moving an inch!”

“Don’t you dare make my navigator cry!”

“‘Thank you’ is not something I can eat.”

“If I’m reincarnated… I want to be a clam.”

“If you don’t take risks, you can’t make the future.”

“I’m sure I can’t live without help!”

“Heroes? No! We’re pirates! I like heroes but I don’t want to be one!”

“So, you don’t like to be hit, do you? Well, you’re going to have a very bad day.”

“If you hurt someone…or someone hurts you, the same red blood will be spilled.”

“A dream island in a dream? I could never do such a big adventure!”

“I set myself up to be the king of the pirates… and if I die trying… I’ve tried anyway.”

“I don’t want to win anything. The person with the most freedom on the sea is the pirate king.”

“To die is not to pay a debt! He didn’t save you for that! Only the weak will die after someone saves their life!”

“I don’t need to be a boss or a great pirate, do I? Call us whenever you’re in trouble! We will help you no matter what.”

“If you ask this old man about anything here and now… then I’ll give up being a pirate! I don’t want to go on such a boring adventure!”

“The greatest swordsman in the world, that’s great! And it’s fitting because your new boss is going to be the king of the pirates! Anything else would make me sad!”

Monkey D. Luffy of FAQ

Monkey D. Who is Luffy?

Monkey D. Luffy is the hero of the famous manga a piece Written by Ichiro Oda.

How old is Monkey D. Luffy?

Monkey D. Luffy is about 19 years post-time skip.

Monkey d. How tall is Luffy?

Monkey d. Luffy is 174 cm tall

Monkey d. How much does Luffy weigh?

Monkey d. Luffy’s weight is 64 kg.

Despite his childlike personality, Monkey D. Luffy has the ability to find the root of a problem and solve it easily.

The combination of his carefree yet responsible actions and his willingness to do anything to protect his crew and friends is part of what makes him so charismatic.

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