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Joe Bartolozzi is an American TikTok star, YouTube star and model.

During the lockdown of 2020, he became famous by making comedy content on TikTok.


Joe Bartolozzi, one of the most multi-talented influencers, started his career on various social media platforms based on his curiosity about social media.

He began his serious social media career in 2020 when the world was rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joe was trying to make everything more enjoyable and fun while staying at home, so he tried making some online content for fun.

Although he had his Instagram account many years ago, he didn’t take it seriously until it became more popular after he started his YouTube channel in June 2020.

Joe created his first YouTube video on July 7, 2020, titled Why I hate public bathrooms. Vibe Talks Part 1.

Unexpectedly, his first video became a success.

Later this Aquarius influencer expanded his career to another social media platform, TikTok, after he found success in his career there.

Details about Joe’s dating history are unknown as he is a private person.

Joe has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He mainly earns from his career as a model, TikTok star and YouTube star.

Joe Bartolozzi is funny, witty and hilarious. He never tires of making people laugh and entertain with his content.

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