35 Best Heartwarming And Romantic French Love Quotes

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Love is a captivating emotion that drives us to conquer the world. However, sometimes we get so busy in life that we don’t get time to show our love and care to our partners. When you want your loved one to feel like the luckiest person in the world, French love quotes can come in handy. Share these beautiful quotes with your partner and liven up their day. Remember – love cannot be defined in words, but it can be expressed with these sweet romantic quotes.

Love knows no language and there are many reasons to share beautiful quotes in French with your special someone.

  • They are having a bad day and you want to lift their mood
  • You want to surprise them with a quote
  • You want to wish them on their birthday/anniversary with a romantic French phrase

You will have no other reason than to want to see a smile on their face after hearing/reading it. If you are looking to impress your special someone with love quotes, you are at the right place. Keep scrolling!

Most romantic French love quotes with English translations to make your partner happy

Most romantic French love quotes with English translations to make your partner happy

1. “On ne voit bien quavec le cour.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This is a very deep love quote with meaning things of love A man sees everything with his heart, and does not go by logic.

2.”C’est cela l’amour, tout donner, tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour.” – Albert Camus

This meaningful French love quote suggests that in love, you have to sacrifice and compromise without expecting anything in return.

3. “Rien n’est petit dans l’amour. Ceux qui attendent les grandes occasion pouring prouver leur tendresse ne savent pas aimer.” – Laure Conan

This beautiful quote by Laure Conan means that when in love, one should try to find joy in the little things and not wait for something big to show their love.

4.”La vie ne vout pas d’etre vacu sans amour.” — Serge Gainsbourg

This is one of the best French sayings about love and it means that life without true love is meaningless.

5. “L’amour est comme le vent, nous ne savons pas d’où il vient.” – Honoré de Balzac

This quote is given by a famous novelist and it means that like the wind, no one can know where love comes from.

6. “L’esprit s’enrichit de ce qu’il receive, le cœur de ce qu’il donne.” – Victor Hugo

It literally means that the mind is enriched by what it receives and the heart by what it gives.

7. “J’entends ta voix dans tous les bruits du monde” – Paul Eluard

This is one of the most romantic French proverbs and it says that when someone is truly in love, they only hear their lover’s voice, even in a crowd.

8. “Le seul vrai langage au monde est un biser.” – Alfred de Musset

This is one of the most romantic things to say in French and it literally translates to “the only real language in the world is kissing.”

9.“Aimer, c’est vivre; aimer, c’est voir; aimer, c’est être.” – Victor Hugo

Victor-Marie Hugo was a poet known for romantic phrases and poems. With this quote, he is saying that love is life and must be.

10. “Il n’y a qu’un bonheur dans la vie, c’est d’aimer et d’être aimé.” – George Sand.

For many people, to be happy That means being with their loved ones and loving and respecting them. This is the origin of this quote.

Most romantic French love quotes with English translations to make your partner happy

11. “Entre deux cœurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles.” — Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

Even silence becomes powerful when you are in love and you don’t need to say anything to prove it love. This quote also says the same and translates to “Between two hearts in love, no words are needed.”

12. “Car, voice-tu, chak jor je t’aime advantage, aujord’hui plus cuhier et bien moins que demen.” – Rosamonde Gerard

This quote literally translates to “Because, you see, every day I love you more, today more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow.” If you want to tell your better half that your love for them is growing day by day, this is the quote to use.

13. “Oh! Si tu pouvais lire dans mon coeur, tu verrais la place où je t’ai mise!” – Gustave Flaubert

This is one of the most romantic French love quotes, the English translation of which is “If you could read my heart, you would see the place I gave you there.”

14.”Quand on est aim on ne dout de reen. Quand on aim, on dut de tout.” – Sidonie Collette

This quote is written by a popular French author. The English translation of the quote is “When we are loved, we doubt nothing. When you love, you question everything.”

15. “Il n’est rien de réel que le rêve et l’amour.” – Anna de Noelles

Anna was a famous French writer and socialist feminist. Her quote means that only love and dreams are true in this world.

16. “Je t’aime parce que tout l’univers a conspiré à me faire arrival jusqu’à toi.” – Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist author is known for his lyrical writing style. This is one of the best French love quotes to share with your partner if you want to convey that the whole universe has come together to meet you.

17.“L’amour fait les plus grandes douceurs et les plus sensibles infortunes de la vie”. – Madeleine de Scuderi

This is a bittersweet quote that shows how love works in real life – meaning that love has the ability to bring you joy, but also sadness and pain.

18. “Le prix d’amour, c’est seulement amour… Il faut aimer si l’on veut être aime.” – Honoré d’Urfé

Even though this quote was written hundreds of years ago, it has significance to this date. Through the quote, the author is trying to convey that you get what you give, so if you want to be loved, you must love back.

19. “L’on est bien faible quand on est amoureux.” — Madame de Lafayette

Madame de’s name will always be remembered because she was one of the greatest writers and gave France its first historical novel, La Princesse de Cleves.

Through this quote, she conveys the message that people who fall in love become weak.

20. “Amour veut tout sans nombre, amour n’a point de loi.” – Pierre de Ronsard

Pierre de Ronsard is one of the most respected poets of his time and was given the title ‘Prince of Poets’.

This quote of his is one of the best short French quotes about love which suggests that love is unconditional and obeys no laws.

The best heartwarming and romantic French love quotes

21. “L’amour est une tragédie pour ceux qui resentent et une comédie pour ceux qui pensent.” – Moliere

This is one of the best short French love quote Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, a famous French writer. The quote translates to “Love is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.”

22. “L’amour c’est être stupide ensemble.” – Paul Valery

This short French love quote is really sweet and means that being in love means doing silly things together. Quite relevant, isn’t it?

23. “Aimer, ce n’est pas se regarder l’un l’autre, c’est regarder ensemble dans la même direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This is one of the most romantic French love phrases that suggests that love is not just about looking into each other’s eyes and enjoying lovey-dovey moments, but about making decisions together and working towards a common goal.

24. “L’amour est la poésie des sens.” – Honoré de Balzac

This is one of the sweetest French love quotes and translates to “love is a poem of the senses”.

Of course we all agree that the description of love in poetry is beautiful, don’t we?

25. “Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.” – Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal was a genius, and in addition to being a physician, mathematician, and inventor, he was also a writer. His mind was analytical and creative. His quote translates to “The heart has reasons that know no reason.”

26. “L’amour est l’emblème de l’éternité, il confond toute la notion de temps, efface toute la mémoire d’un commencement, toute la crainte d’une extremité.” – Madame de Stael

This French love phrase translates to “Love is the symbol of eternity, it confuses the idea of ​​time, erases the memories of the beginning, all fear of the end.”

27. “La vie est une fleur don’t lamer est le miel.” – Victor Hugo

This is a cute love quote that symbolizes life like a flower and love like honey.

28. “En sa beauty git mart et ma vie.” – Morris Sq

Morris Scave was famous for writing about spiritual love. This quote conveys the importance of spiritual love to him and translates to “In his beauty is my death and my life.”

29. “Il faut s’aimer, et puis il faut se le dire, et puis il faut se l’écrire, et puis il faut se baiser sur la bouche, sur les yeux et ailleurs.” – Victor Hugo

Feeling romantic and want to tell your loved one? Share this quote with your partner, because it says that all kinds of love should be expressed through writing and kissing.

30. “Le seul vrai langage au monde est un biser.” – Alfred de Musset

The best French dramatists and poets wrote A simple love This means that kissing is the only language in the world that is true.

The best heartwarming and romantic French love quotes

31. “Mais ce qu’a lié l’amour même, le temps ne peut le délier.” – Germaine Nouveau

It is one of the sweetest French love phrases Which translates to “But the love that binds itself, time cannot release.”

32. “Et c’est parfois dans un regard, dans un sourire que sont cachés les mots qu’on n’a jamais su dire.” – Yves Dutel

These are the lyrics of the famous song “Les Choses Qu’on ne dit pas” by Yves Duteil. The quote suggests that sometimes, a smile or a look expresses what we are not capable of expressing.

33. “Quand il me prind dans se bras, il me parle tout bus, je vois la vie en rose.” – Edith Piaf

Here are the best French cute quotes about love written by famous singer and actress Edith Piaf. Quote Translation “When he takes me in his arms, he talks to me softly, I see life through rose-colored glasses.”

34. “On n’aime que ce qu’on ne possesde pas tout entier.” – Marcel Proust

This quote speaks about the harsh reality of life, as it means that we always want something/someone that we don’t have.

35. “Je viens du ciel et les étoiles entre elles ne parlent que de toi.” – Francis Cabrell

This is a beautiful one French love The phrase translates to “I come from the sky and the stars speak only of you.”


The next time you want to write down your feelings, but are at a loss for words, don’t panic. Get inspired by these French love quotes and express your love beautifully. Nothing can make your partner happier than reading these romantic French phrases about love. So, what are you waiting for? Shower them with love with these beautiful sayings.

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