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Himiko Toga is a manga and anime villain My Hero Academy. She has fair skin that is prone to redness and looks very beautiful with her bright yellow eyes.

Her face somehow looks like a cat because her upper and lower canines are more pointed and longer than the rest of her teeth.

Her hair is pale pink, like dirty blonde, and two messy buns with a straight fringe and two chin-length sides frame her face.

She wore a simple seifuku outfit with a Kansai collar, paired with a blue skirt and shirt and a red scarf tie. She is also wearing an oversized beige cardigan with pockets on both sides.

For shoes, she wore typical Japanese outdoor shoes, which are dark brown dress shoes with thick heels and black knee socks.

As a villain, Himiko Toga might be scary because she can smile after killing someone. Even when she is in the middle of danger, she is still able to smile and stops when she gets bored or angry.

It shows that our villain is somehow mentally unstable and has a distorted understanding of love and friendship in particular.


  • Real Name: Toga Himiko (トガヒミコ)
  • Stage Name: Himiko Toga
  • Also known as Yakuza Toga, Toga the Gangster, Ochako Uraraka, Creepy Demon Child, Lunatic/Psycho/Maniac
  • Nickname:-
  • Birthday : 7th August
  • Age: 17 years old
  • Gender Female
  • Hobbies: Flirting with Izuku Midoriya, killing people and collecting their blood
  • Occupation: Student, Villain, Supernatural Liberation Front
  • Team: OneGuar Action Team
  • Affiliations: League of Villains, Paranormal Liberation Front
  • Villain Type: Super Villain Love Rival
  • Manga Debut: Chapter #57
  • Anime Debut: Episode #31
  • Japanese VA: Misaro Fukuen
  • English VA: Leigh Clarke

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 157 cm (5’2″)
  • Weight:-
  • Blood group:
  • Hair Color: Light dirty blonde
  • Eye Color: Golden Yellow
  • Body Measurements:-
  • Shoe Measurements:-
  • Dress Size:-

the family

  • Father:-
  • Mother:-
  • Brother:-
  • Sister:-
  • Friends: Dabi, Twice, Spinner, Mr. Compress, Magne, Muscular, Mustard, Moonfish, Nomu (Chainsaw)

the facts

  • Himiko Toga is the youngest member of the league along with Mustard.
  • Her blood and violence, sexual habits, her looks were similar to the DC character Harley Quinn.
  • When she transforms into Ochako, the left side of her face melts away, revealing her burnt face and resemblance to Two-Face under the Meta Liberation Army.
  • To avoid hinting at her strange abilities, Himiko’s names were drawn using katakana, not kanji, as her last name in kanji contains the kanji for “immigrate” (渡 kade) and “self” (我ga) where her first name is from the kanji. ” or “put on” (被 hi), “someone” (身 mi) and “child” (子 ko).
  • Her concept art uses the archetypal “yandera” which is Japanese, to describe a character who is dangerous and obsessed with one another.
  • As she expresses her love for Izuku and Ochako, it is possible that she is either bisexual or pansexual like her prototype Sketcher, but this is still unconfirmed.
  • During the Forest Training Camp arc, she wears a mask that resembles Bane’s mask. The mask has flexible tubes and needles that can help draw blood from her victim.
  • Not only does she look like a cat, she also acts like a cat when it comes to team players. Himiko isn’t much of a team player, so she runs on her own and pursues her own interests.
  • Himiko has evaded capture more than once and is an effective spy and subversive.
  • Himiko Toga has many traits of a stalker, such as obsessing over certain people and following them anywhere and everywhere.
  • For combat, Himiko wears a contraption that covers her mouth and nose and also contains flexible tubes and needles that can draw blood from victims.
  • Mr. Horikoshi admitted that Himiko was one of the most difficult characters for him.


  • Himiko’s strength became the ability to transform into another person and copy their voice. But the transformation is limited to only those whose blood she has absorbed. So the more blood she drinks, the more she can resemble that person.
  • A knife is her friend. She is skilled with knives and can stab at close range and throw her blade a great distance.
  • She is also a talented and dangerous fighter who is able to fight pro heroes in quarter combat.
  • Due to her extraordinary abilities, she becomes a master of disguise, and can erase her presence and disappear from enemy sight by clearing her mind and holding her breath.


  • We know that Himiko is crazy, but her obsession makes it difficult for her to control her psychopathic tendencies.
  • Her ability to transform was also limited by the amount of blood she drank. The more blood she received, the more accurate her replica of her target, but only in terms of their appearance. She cannot replicate her target’s abilities, knowledge, or such details.


“Life is so hard! I want to make a world where it’s easy to live in.”

“You’re already bleeding, Tsuyu, my good friend! Isn’t blood cute? I like it a lot.”

“I want to love, live and die my way. My normal way. I want to be like the people I love.”

“When I was young, I was told to stop being me! But it doesn’t work! When you keep your feelings away, they only grow inside!”

“I am Toga! Himiko Toga! Life is so hard! I want to make the world easier to live in! I want to be Mr. Steny! I want to kill Mr. Steney! So I’m with you, Tomura!”

“Sure, I’ve been holding it for so long too! When I was young, I was told to stop being me! But it doesn’t work! When you keep your feelings away, they only grow inside!”

“Looks like we both want to know about each other, huh? So now… your turn. Why do you hope to be a hero? honor? Pride? For someone else’s sake? I want to know everything about you.

“Izuku, you’re just like Ochako. And just like my parents. You think that heroes and those they protect are the only ones… who count as real people. So people like you and me are doomed to live apart.”

Where do they draw the line? If heroes were to save people, weren’t jinns considered individuals? Will they kill me too? I want to ask Izuku and Ochako the same thing. I will be fine depending on their answer.”

“Day after day the police and Veer came after me. So without even trying, I became sensitive to how other people behave, and I learned that the world treats high school girls a little too kindly. So I don’t get caught. I don’t get caught. I don’t get caught.”

“Listen Ochako, when I think about the people I love, I want to be them. This desire to take all their blood for myself grows until I can’t bear it. I get all emotional just thinking about it. I am like that, but other people are not. It is very difficult for me to live like this.”

“Of course you want to be like the person you love. This is natural. So you dress yourself up to look like him. But even if enough time passes, it is not enough. You literally want to be him. There is no help. So what’s your type? I love people who spew blood. That’s why I always carve people last.

Himiko Toga’s Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Himiko Toga?

She is a villain in the manga and anime My Hero Academy.

How old is Himiko Toga?

She is 17 years old.

How tall is Himiko Toga?

She is 157 cm (5’2″).

How much does a toga weigh?

There is no information about her weight.

Himiko Toga is a dangerous villain with an obsession and a desire to kill.

She is a scary one because she can laugh even after killing her opponent. Her desire to kill the person she loves is part of her obsession and her psychosis.

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