Gon Freecss – Bio, Facts, Age, Height, Quotes, Strengths

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Gon Freecss is the main protagonist Hunter x Hunter Series, who is the son of a famous hunter, Ging Freaks, and wants to find his father.

Gon is described as an athletic, kind and friendly boy who loves adventure. He is also not an educated boy, so he is not good at maths.

He is a booster, known for being simple-minded and determined, thus his friends and enemies trust him and stand by him.

In his physical form, he is described as a young boy with black hair. He also has beautiful brown eyes.

He likes to wear a green jacket with reddish edges that covers a black or white tank top underneath, green shorts, and green lace-up shoes.


  • Real Name: Gon Furikusu (ゴ゠゠フリークス)
  • Stage Name: Gon Freecss
  • Nickname:-
  • Birthday : May 5
  • Age: 11 (debut), 12+ current, defies timeline), 14-15* (as per timeline)
  • Gender Male
  • Hobbies:
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 1
  • Anime Debut: Episode 00 (1998), Episode 1 (1999), Episode 1 (2011)
  • Japanese VA:
    Rika Matsumoto (Pilot OVA);
    Junko Takuchi (1999);
    Megumi Han (2011)
  • English VA:
    Elinor Holt (1999);
    Erica Mendez (2011)

Height, weight, physical appearance

  • Height: 154 cm (5′0.7″)
  • Weight: 49 kg (108 lb)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hair Color: Greenish Black (manga; 1999; 2011)
  • Eye Color: Brown (Manga; 1999; 2011)
  • Body Measurements:-
  • Shoe Measurements:-
  • Dress Size:-

the family

  • Father: Ging Freecss
  • Mother:-
  • Siblings:-
  • Aunt: Mito Freaks (foster mother)
  • Friends: Killua Zoldyck, Leorio Paradinight, Kurapika Kurta

the facts

  • Gon had difficulty working on math problems or problems that required logic to solve.
  • The reason he wanted to become a Hunter was because he wanted to know the depth of the job that made his father choose this profession over his son.
  • Gon acted carelessly and recklessly at times, which caused him trouble.
  • Gon is one of the main characters in Hunter x Hunter, but he wasn’t involved in the journey to the Dark Continent.
  • He can sleep with part of his brain functioning normally as if he were awake.
  • 3 In fan polls, Gon has always ranked 3rd behind Killua and Kurapika.
  • He is the only anime character who uses a fishing rod as a weapon.
  • Gon follows his instincts rather than logic.
  • He is born without any special abilities.
  • Gon is similar to Yusuke Urameshi in terms of popularity Yu Yu Hakusho.


  • Even when a task seems impossible, Gon is very creative.
  • He has unusual fighting skills.
  • Gon has the extraordinary ability to hold his breath for 9 minutes and 44 seconds.
  • Gon can transform into an adult form.
  • Due to the ability to sleep while awake, he is always alert even while asleep.


  • Compared to many shonen heroes, Gon’s nen abilities are quite slow to develop.
  • Last seen, Gon can no longer use Nen’s aura.
  • Gon’s hands have been severely injured several times, his left hand was destroyed against Hanzo in the final round of the Hunter Trials, while his right hand was destroyed against Guido in the Heavenly Fields.
  • Gon is very bad at math.


“I swear… I’ll take that bastard myself.”

“I’m going to be the best hunter in the world!”

“I never imagined how debilitating weakness could be.”

“In my next life, I want to be like me and see you again.”

“I won’t back down if you’re willing to do anything.”

“If you want to know someone, find out what makes them angry.”

“We want to get stronger and get back as soon as possible!! To save the kite!”

“You can do anything to hide your feelings… you still have a heart.”

“I’m glad I could be here with you… No, that’s not all. I am really glad to meet you!”

“Being a hunter must be an important job. Very important… that family comes second.”

“Can I ask you something? How can you kill people who have nothing to do with you?”

“Do you remember me? My name is Gone Freaks!! I came to see you to restore the kite!!!”

“I am not here to be tested, I just came to meet my friend. If that means intruders, fine.”

“I guess I didn’t want to meet him. After seeing him, I realized that it was my mission to find him.

“It would be easy on my mind if you were lying. I don’t have to show you any mercy. I can defeat you without hesitation.”

“You should enjoy the little turns to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find more important things than what you want.”

“Eligibility is not something we want to talk about. Those who don’t succeed can train until they do.”

“Being able to cry for his mate. I was thinking you can’t cry, nor do you have a heart. But then why not share a little of that feeling with everyone you beat!

Gone Freaks Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gon Freecss?

He is the son of Ging Freaks and the main protagonist Hunter x Hunter series

How old is Gon Freecss?

He was 11 years old in his debut, 12+ years old in the present (contrary to the timeline), 14-15 years old (according to the timeline).

How tall is Gon Freecss?

He is 154 cm (5’0.7″).

How much does Yamato weigh?

He is 49 kg (108 lb).

Although Gon Freecss is quite small in stature, he has incredible strength when it comes to combat.

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