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Zoe LaVerne is a famous American TikTok star and celebrity. She gained attention mainly through her online content which includes dance, lip-syncing and makeup videos.

She has become one of the leading content creators in TikTok. On this platform, she has accumulated over a billion likes and earned the coveted verification crown.


Her rise to fame began in 2016 when she uploaded a video to Musical.ly.

She started posting makeup videos. Once she got more followers and views, she also published lip-sync, dance and comedy videos.

In 2017, she received Crown Verification on Musical.ly. In her YouTube channel, she also posts pranks and daily life.

In 2017, she also had a YouTube channel with her boyfriend, Cody and Zoe, when she started dating Cody Orlov.

They went on tour together, promoted sponsorships and were even released under the same name by merchandisers. thinking of you.

Their videos get millions of views, even a hoax prank video got over 5 million views.

In her own channel, she started a series called Storytime, which narrated her personal experiences.

After her breakup with Orlov in 2019, she made a song titled Cody They lost it all. In February 2020, she was invited to Young Hollywood Studios.

Throughout her career, LaVerne has collaborated with other social media stars such as Zephan Clark, Oliver and Sebastian Moy.


  • Full Name: Zoe Laverne Pemberton
  • Stage Name: Zoe Laverne
  • Nickname: Zoe
  • Born: June 3, 2001, Indiana, United States
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Business: TikTok Star
  • Education: Homeschooling
  • Hobbies: Shopping and traveling
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter: @realzoelaverne
  • Instagram: @zoexlaverne
  • TikTok: @zoelaverne
  • YouTube: Zoe Laverne Official

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Body Measurements: 32-23-32 (Bust -32, Waist -23, and Hips -32 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 6 (US)
  • Dress Size: 2 (US)

the family

  • Father: Douglas Wright
  • Mother: Debbie Pemberton
  • Brothers: Eric Pemberton, Cameron Pemberton

Husbands, boyfriends and dating history

Cody Orlov

She was involved in an on-off romantic relationship with Cody Orlov. It started in December 2017. He also launched a collaborative channel called “Zody”.

That being said, in March 2019, the breakup was rumored. Allegedly, he was cheated on her side.

They seem to be rekindling their relationship in May 2019. However, their relationship seems to be strained with audio and video files abusing each other. Zoe and Cody denied any involvement in the leaking of the leaked material.

Finally, they announced that they had separated publicly around June 2020.

Zephan Clarke

They soon dated in 2018. The relationship did not last long as Zefan allegedly cheated on her with several women at the same time.

Dawson Day

Their blossoming relationship began in 2019. They were said to go their separate ways in 2019, but later reunited in November 2020.

Zoe and Dawson tied the knot in October 2021, according to her Instagram post. They are blessed with their first child named Emersyn Reilly Day in the same year.

Net worth

Accordingly celebrity net worth, Her net worth is estimated at $1 million. Her main source of income is her TikTok account from where she posts content daily.


She has garnered billions of views on TikTok and is among the top 50 most followed accounts on the platform.

Based on estimates by net worth spot, She earns $20 thousand monthly or around $240 thousand annually.

Brand support

Throughout her internet career, she has collaborated with various brands, mostly focused on fashion. It is not known exactly how much she earns from brand endorsements. H

However, it is reported that a brand that Zoe works with, Pigeon Pop, paid her around $750 per week to post a one-minute promotion video of their products.

business ventures

Zoe runs her merchandise line, which consists mostly of clothing. This includes t-shirts, hoodies and pants.

the facts

  • LaVerne has green eyes and blonde hair.
  • Laverne has a cat named Roman.
  • This internet personality once had a dog, but she gave it to a girl who couldn’t afford a pet.
  • LaVerne’s favorite actress is Scarlett Johansson.
  • Ariana Grande is her favorite singer.
  • White, black and pink are her go-to colors.
  • She likes to eat pizza.
  • LaVerne has a merch line featuring loungewear and hoodies.
  • Her parents divorced when she was young.
  • Her father owns an auto care center called Dougs Franklin.
  • Before being homeschooled, Lavern attended Franklin Community High School.
  • Earlier she also attended Greenwood Community High School.
  • She got beaten up in school because of her popularity.
  • While starting her social media career, Laverne cried a lot due to hateful comments.
  • In 2016, she traded TikTok accounts with Terin Sottile.
  • Laverne dated Zephan Clarke in 2017, but the couple broke up.
  • She started dating Cody Orlov in 2017 and had an on-off relationship until 2020.
  • They raised a dog together.
  • She was accused of abusing Laverne.
  • Their heated argument was leaked on the internet.
  • In November 2020, she dated social media star Dawson Day.
  • In 2020, she was condemned for kissing an underage fan.
  • She used to vape Tara because it made her more tired.
  • Her ideal type is…
  • Her net worth is around $1 million.

T. V. series

  • Arroyo Show (EWTN ⏐ 2019), as himself.


“Honestly I think TikTok is giving all of us women a platform where we can give voice and encourage other young people to chase their dreams and not be afraid to be who they really are.”

“I understand that people see things differently and people will definitely have an opinion on some things.”

“I try to do the best I can, but obviously I’m human, I make mistakes.”

“Being a kid and all, you want to be a little older and mature.”

“I couldn’t walk into the hall without people making fun of me. It’s simple; It was jealousy. But it hurt. People were constantly threatening to fight me.”

“[My tattoo] It shows that I am a strong person because I have been through a lot.

Photos by Zoe Laverne

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Zoe Laverne - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

2. LaVerne’s baggy clothes are eye-catching

Zoe Laverne - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

3. Black outfit and bold eyeliner make her look mysterious

Zoe Laverne - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

4. Which do you like more: the cityscape or LaVerne’s style?

Internet Personality - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

5.Her bright smile is precious

Internet Personality - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

Despite many controversies, Zoe Laverne is an amazing young social media star. She has a huge fan base and loves everyone.

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