Yeo Jin Goo – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Instagram

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Yeo Jin Goo is a South Korean actor.

He rose to fame as a child actor who debuted in Sad movie (2005), before continuing a successful career and appearing in various drama series The moon embracing the sun (2012), Hotel del Luna (2019), and Crowned clown (2019).


Yeo Jin Goo has always been interested in acting since childhood. His parents were very supportive of his dream and enrolled him in acting classes.

He made his debut in 2005 with this film Sad movie.

Over the next few years, the child actor would get many more roles in movies and TV series.

He mostly got the role of a younger version of a character, like in A frozen flower (2008) and monster (2010).

In 2012, Jin Goo began to gain recognition. During that time, he acted in hit drama serials. The moon embracing the sun.

In the same year, he also got a role in a play Missing you His performance in both series earned him the award for Best Young Actor at the MBC Drama Awards.

The man from Seoul proved his incredible acting talent the following year. He acted in the movie that came out in 2013 Hwayi: A monster boy.

His performance in the lead role was universally appreciated. He also won several Best New Actor awards including the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Jin Goo would go on to star in many more hit movies and series.

Some of his notable achievements can be found here A long way home (2015), Royal Gambling (2016), 1987: The Day When comes (2017), and Hotel del Luna (2019).


  • Real Name: Yeo Jin Goo (여진구)
  • Stage Name: Yeo Jin Goo
  • Nickname: Nation’s Little Brother
  • Birthday: 13 August 1997
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Religion:-
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Education:-
  • Hobbies:-
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter: @Actor_Yeo
  • Threads:-
  • Instagram: @yeojin9oo
  • Tiktok :-
  • YouTube:-

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
  • Weight: 63 kg (139 lb)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Body Measurements:-
  • Shoe Measurements:-

the family

  • Father:-
  • Mother:-
  • Brother: Yo Tai Goo
  • Sister:-

Girlfriend and dating history

He has never been involved in a publicly known relationship or is rumored to be dating anyone. The actor seems to have chosen to keep his personal and dating life private.

Net worth

Several sources estimate his net worth to be around $1 million to $5 million.

He seems to have made most of his earnings as an actor in the South Korean entertainment industry, appearing in various drama series and films.

Plastic surgery

There is no information about whether he has undergone any cosmetic surgery to change his visual appearance.

the facts

  • Jin Goo is signed under Janus Entertainment.
  • He grew up in Seoul.
  • He was called the Nation’s Little Brother.
  • His parents really support him.
  • He was inspired to become an actor because he wanted to appear on TV.
  • He has a younger brother born in 2002.
  • The actor was the ambassador of Yuva Ekikaran Shikshan (2010) along with many others.
  • In 2012, he starred in a music video i need you By K. Will
  • He was also in Baek Jiyoung’s music video still being in love (2014).
  • Jin Goo has been in several reality shows: I’m real, Yeo Jingu from Italy, Presented by Jingoo OppaAnd 4 Wheeler Restaurant.
  • He gave credit Crowned clown And Hotel del Luna To enhance his acting abilities.
  • He is interested in screenwriting, but admits to not being very good at constructing long sentences.
  • The man from Seoul likes to write poetry.
  • He enjoys being at home.
  • He likes to spend his time cooking, watching movies and listening to music.
  • This former child actor loves to try different foods while travelling.
  • He is proud to be able to act alongside his idol Shin Ha Kyun in Beyond Evil (2021).
  • He is very close to Jungkook of BTS because of their similar age.
  • Jin Gu has not experienced romantic relationships.
  • His friends arranged blind dates for him, but he failed.
  • He does not mind the age gap in the relationship.
  • He wants to marry young, but will not rush into a relationship.
  • His ideal type is a woman who loves and appreciates food.


  • Ditto (2022), as Kim Yong
  • 1987: When the Day Comes (2017), as Park Jong Chul (cameo).
  • Warriors of the Dawn (2017), as Prince Gwangha
  • A long way home (2015), as Young Gwang
  • Shoot me in the heart (2015), as Soo Myung
  • Tazza: The hidden card (2014), as a student of Aw Kwi
  • Mr. Perfect (2014), Lee Byung Joo
  • Hwayi: A monster boy (2013), as Hwa Yi
  • A frozen flower (2008), as Hong Lim (Young).
  • archaic (2008), as Kim Jin Hyuk (Young).
  • Santamaria (2008), as Kang Da Seong
  • are you crazy (2008), as Da Sung
  • No mercy for the rude (2006), as Killa (Young).
  • Sad movie (2005), as Park Hee Chan


  • Link: Eat, Love, Kill (tvN | 2022), as Eun Gye Hoon
  • Beyond evil (JTBC | 2021), as Han Joo wins
  • start-up (tvN | 2020), as Jang Young Sil (voice) / Hong Ji Seok (ep.16)
  • Hotel del Luna (tvN | 2019), as Koo Chan Sung
  • My absolute lover (SBS | 2019), as Young Goo
  • Crowned clown (tvN | 2019), Joker as Ha Sun / King Lee Hun
  • Into the world again (SBS | 2017), as Sung Hae Sung
  • Circle: Two worlds connected (tvN | 2017), as Kim Woo Jin (2017, 2037)
  • Royal Gambling (SBS | 2016), as King Yeongjo
  • Orange marmalade (KBS2 | 2015), as Jung Jae Min
  • Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN | 2013-2014), as Hong Hye Sung
  • i miss you (MBC | 2012-2013), as Han Jung Woo (Young).
  • The moon embracing the sun (MBC | 2012), as Lee Hwon (Teen).
  • A tree with deep roots (SBS | 2011), as Ddol-Bok (Young).
  • Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS | 2011), as Baek Dong Soo (Young).
  • monster (SBS | 2010), as Lee Kang Mo (Young).
  • A distinguished family (KBS | 2010), as Choi Kuk Seon (Young).
  • swallow the sun (SBS | 2009), as Kim Jeong Woo (Child).
  • Princess Ja Myung (SBS | 2009), as Ho Dong (Young).
  • Anyone can love (SBS | 2009), Lee Pu as Room Chan
  • Tjaja (SBS | 2008), as Go Ni
  • Il Ji-mai: The Phantom Thief (SBS | 2008), as Geom Lee (Young).
  • Queen of the game (SBS | 2006-2007), as Shin Jeon (Young).
  • Yeon Gae So Mun (SBS | 2006–2007), as Kim Hum Soon (Young).
  • want to love again (SBS | 2006), as Baek Min Hyung

programs on TV

  • Children Planet (Mnet 2023), as himself (Star Master)
  • Girls Planet 999 (Mnet 2021), as himself (the host).
  • Home on wheels (tvN ⏐ 2020), as himself (cast member).
  • 4 Wheeler Restaurant (tvN 2018), as himself (cast member).
  • Presented by Jingoo Oppa (tvN 2016), as himself
  • I’m Real, Yeo Jin Goo from Italy (QTV 2012), as himself

Music video scene

  • still being in love (2014) – Baek Ji Young
  • i need you (2012) – K. Will


“I wanted to shoot a young romance before I turned 30. Many of my actor friends told me, ‘It’s difficult to work in a project like this when you’re over 30, but you’re lucky to get the opportunity at the right age. ”

“I started acting at a young age and had a clear career goal, I didn’t put much weight on pursuing love. Sometimes I wonder, ‘Will I ever fall in love?’ But shooting for Ditto changed my mind and now I think I will fall blindly in love when I meet the right person.

“I can’t say I have zero dating experience, although I haven’t had any until recently. I didn’t want to hide it from people, but the one I was in didn’t last long.”

“If one has worked as his dream, I think it is better for that person to start his journey as soon as possible.”

“I think sensibility is the most important thing in acting. Even if it’s the same scene, the tone will vary depending on how different people express the scene through their acting. After all, acting is possible for anyone as the person himself decides the direction of acting according to his senses and gets better with the passage of time.

“One of my hobbies is assembling models; Whenever I see a certain plastic model kit that I’ve always wanted to buy, I have an unconscious reaction.”

“I love poetry. He does not read but writes. Whenever something comes to mind or I feel something from time to time, it’s nice to write it down, even if it’s small.”

Photos by Yeo Jin Goo

1. Jin Goo is a great model

Yeo Jin Goo - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

2. He looks so soft and cozy here

Yeo Jin Goo - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

3. Green suits him well

Yeo Jin Goo - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

4. He is wearing this white suit

Korean Actor - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

5. Jin Gu looks like an angel with lights falling on him

Korean Actor - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

Frequently Asked Questions

who is Yeo Jin Goo?

That one South Korean actor.

who is Yeo Jin GooReal name of?

His real name is Yeo Jin Goo (여진구).

what does Yeo Jin Goo Famous?

He became famous who made his debut as a child actor Sad movie (2005), before continuing a successful career and appearing in various drama series The moon embracing the sun (2012), Hotel del Luna (2019), and Crowned clown (2019).

where is Yeo Jin Goo From?

He was born in Seoul, South Korea.

how old is Yeo Jin Goo?

He was born in 1997 and is 27 years old as of 2024.

when Yeo Jin Goo Celebrate his birthday?

It is celebrated every 13th of August.

how tall Yeo Jin Goo?

His height is 5’9″ or 175 cm.

who are Yeo Jin GooParents of?

He did not disclose the names of his father and mother.

is Yeo Jin Goo Married?

He is not married. Moreover, there is no information about whether he is in a relationship or not.

who is Yeo Jin GooEx-girlfriend of?

His ex-girlfriend is unknown.

how rich Yeo Jin Goo?

His net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

what is Yeo Jin GooNationality of?

His nationality is South Korean.

Yeo Jin Goo has made a name for himself since the beginning of his career. He can grow as an actor and reach even greater success.

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