This Valentine Day, Rekindle Old Romance with THESE Premium Gifts

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With the month of love just around the corner, it’s time to dive deep into the world of gifts and conquer! But we all know that it’s not easy to find a heartwarming and just perfect gift, right? Whether you’ve known your partner for a decade or you’ve been dating for a few months, choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will make them feel special and dearest is always a challenge. The planet!

Luckily we’ve found some of the most sought-after gifts that will help you complete the day of romance in your own way. From customized jewelry pieces to FNP pot plants, this comprehensive list Valentine’s Day Gifts will be (hopefully) on February 14th you cover!

Personalized Engraved Pure Silver Ring Pendant

They say that the veins in your right ring finger run through your heart and we all totally believe it! And the best way to express your boundless love to your partner is to say so with a pure silver engraved ring and customizable as per your own discretion. The ring doubles as a pendant and rounds out as a beautiful necklace.

Aglonema lipstick plant pot

Thoughtful and contemporary, living plant bouquets are a beloved gift that we’ve been craving for millennia! Aglonema lipstick plant in a boat-shaped Sydney dish pot makes a unique gift for Valentine’s Day not only because it is eye-catching, but because it is an air-purifying addition.

Designer and decadent cakes

Decadent and satisfying, nothing says love fluently more than a delicious piece of cake! For foodies, the way to their hearts is through their stomachs. And that’s why our classic Valentine’s Day gift will always be a cake, this time a designer cake with lots of customization!

Elegant rose heart box

If you want to go all classic, do it with roses! Our favorite? A heart shaped box with bouquets of different roses from red to aqua pink, tied together in shiny gold and red satin ribbon! And the best part? A sweet little green message card. What’s not to love about that?

Personalized Perfectly Fabulous Cushion and Bottle Set

For those of you who want to do something different, a cushion and bottle set with a cute message printed on it is the best bet! Who doesn’t love a pillow when they’re tired? And the bottle? Isn’t this the best way to remind your loved ones to stay hydrated in their busy schedules? Thoughtful and subtly romantic, yes!

While these are our top picks for Valentine’s Day, there are many more options you can check out at FNP (Ferns ‘N’ Petals). Chosen for every romantic, their list of Valentine’s Day gifts ranges from beautiful cards and chocolates to premium jewelry pieces, flowers and more! Seriously, if you don’t want to get bogged down in gifts, you have to check out their exclusive collection!

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