Park Ha Na – Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, net worth

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Park Ha Na is a South Korean actress.

She initially rose to fame as a member of FUNNY before shifting her career focus to acting and appearing in various drama series. Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2014), Girls’ Generation 1971 (2017), and Young Lady and Gentleman (2021).


Park Ha Na entered the entertainment industry in 2003. That year, she debuted as a member of the girl group Funny after completing years of training.

From there, she started expanding her career in acting. Her first acting job was in a 2012 drama series Twelve men in one year.

After that another drama serial of this name started Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog. After getting a taste of acting on the small screen, she decided to act in films as well.

At the beginning of her debut, she played a few roles in several films such as Mongolian princess (2015), stole my heart (2013), and Love fiction (2012).

She got her first breakthrough when she was offered a role in a drama serial Apgujeong Midnight Sun In 2014.

After her popularity, she continued to act in films It’s okay because I’m a mom (2015) and the TV movie Drama Special: Crimson Moon (2015).

Apart from this, she also took up modeling jobs for some music videos not young (2008) by U-KISS and Although a little far (2011) by Park Min Hye (Big Mama) and Queenby.


  • Real Name: Park Ha Na (박하다)
  • Stage Name: Park Ha Na (박하다)
  • It is also called:-
  • Nickname: Ha Na (One)
  • Birthday: 25 July 1985
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Religion:-
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Education:
    Jinson Girls High School;
    Peche Institute of Arts;
    Hanyang University
  • Hobbies: Caring for parrots, looking for wedding dresses
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter:-
  • Threads:-
  • Instagram: @phanayo
  • TikTok:-
  • YouTube:-

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Body Measurements:-
  • Shoe Measurements:-
  • Dress Size:-

the family

  • Father:-
  • Mother:-
  • Brother: 2
  • Sister:-

Boyfriend and dating history


In July 2018, Park Ha Na officially confirmed her relationship with a non-celebrity Korean traditional healer. She opened up about her relationship on various shows.

Unfortunately, the pair announced their breakup after a year of relationship without giving reasons.

Net worth

Although she has never revealed her true net worth, many sources have estimated the number to be around $1 million to $5 million.

She seems to earn most of her income from acting as an actress in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Plastic surgery

There is no information about whether she has undergone any cosmetic surgery to change her visual appearance.

the facts

  • Ha Na has an older brother and a younger brother.
  • She has four pet parrots named Nana, Kuku, Ravi and Star.
  • Her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox.
  • Actress Ha Na idolizes Ha Ji Won.
  • She wants to master action-acting.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Ha Na once worked at SM Entertainment when she was younger.
  • She is a former member of the girl group Funny, which debuted in 2003.
  • Ha Na has a room in her house dedicated to her parrots.
  • She likes to drink coconut water mixed with lemon juice.
  • This is a great stock of face masks.
  • She dated a doctor of Korean traditional medicine in 2018 and broke up a year later.
  • Ha Na worked part-time in a cafe before joining the entertainment industry.
  • She trained as a model with girl group Girls’ Generation and boy group TVXQ at SM Entertainment.
  • Hana was also trained to become an actress at YG Entertainment alongside fellow actress Yoo In Na and actor Go Kyung Pyo.
  • Her ideal type is a man who gives her a lot of attention and smiles often.
  • Her net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.


  • Drama Special : Earnails (KBS2 | 2022), as Bo Young
  • Drama Special: Hee Soo (KBS2 | 2021), as Kim Sang Mi
  • Drama Special : Home Sweet Home (KBS2 | 2016), as Son Ji Ah
  • It’s okay because I’m a mom (MBN | 2015), as Seo Ji wins
  • Drama Special: Crimson Moon (KBS2 | 2015), as Crown Prince Sado’s wife
  • Mongolian princess (2015), Self
  • stole my heart (2013), as Ho Tae’s House Delivery Woman
  • Love fiction (2012), as a flight attendant


  • Bride’s Revenge (KBS2 | 2022), as Eun Seo Yeon
  • The sound of magic (Netflix | 2022), as Min Ji Soo
  • Young Lady and Gentleman (KBS2 | 2021), Jo Sa Res
  • Mystic Pop-Up Bar (JTBC | 2020), as I Ran Song
  • A dangerous promise (KBS2 | 2020), as Cha Eun Dong
  • The Great Show (tvN | 2019), as Kim Hae Jin
  • different dreams (MBC | 2019), as Cha Jung Im
  • Love in sorrow (MBC | 2019), as pre-surgery Yoon Ma Ri
  • my only one (KBS2 | 2018), as Sung Soo Hyun
  • Mysterious Personal Shopper (KBS2 | 2018), as Hong Se Yeon
  • Unexpected hero (Naver TV Cast | 2017), as No Deul Hee
  • Girls’ Generation 1971 (KBS2 | 2017), as Jung Hee’s aunt
  • still love you (KBS1 | 2016), as Kim Bit Na
  • promise (KBS2 | 2016), as Jung Se Jin
  • Apgujeong Midnight Sun (MBC | 2014), as Baek Ya
  • The empress (MBC | 2013), as Woo Hee
  • Miss Korea (MBC | 2013), as Han So Jin
  • Pots of gold (MBC | 2013), as Assistant Manager Kim
  • Two weeks (MBC | 2013), as Jung Young Ja
  • Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog (Channel A | 2012), Self
  • Twelve men in one year (tvN | 2012), as Won Bin’s ex

programs on TV

  • World Dark Tour (JTBC | 2022), as the main host
  • Sharing House (MBC | 2019), as the main host
  • Convenience Store Restaurant (KBS2 | 2019), as a regular member
  • Heo Young Man’s Food Journey (TV Chosun | 2019), as a guest
  • Boss in the mirror (KBS2 | 2019), as a guest
  • where is my house (MBC | 2019), as a guest
  • drunk woman (KBS1 | 2018), as the main host
  • Soo Mee’s Side Dishes (tvN | 2018), as a guest
  • It’s okay to be a little crazy (SBS | 2017), as a guest
  • Boom (KBS2 | 2016), as a regular member
  • Video Star: Season 1 (MBC every1 | 2016), as a guest
  • Knowing Bros (JTBC | 2015), as a guest
  • Rumor has it that (Channel A | 2015), as the main host
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC | 2015), as a guest
  • Gourmet Wednesday (tvN | 2015), as a guest
  • Immortal Songs: The Legend Song (KBS1 | 2011), as a guest
  • running man (SBS | 2010), as a guest
  • Happy Together: Season 3 (KBS2 | 2007), as a guest

Music video scene

  • not young (2008) – U-KISS
  • Although a little far (2011) – Park Min Hye (Big Mama) and Queenby
  • mr crazy (2012) – Cold Cherry


  • 2022 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama – Bride’s Revenge
  • 2021 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award (Actress in a Serial Drama) – Young Lady and Gentleman
  • 2020 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award (Actress in a Daily Drama) – A dangerous promise
  • 2018 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award (Actress in a Daily Drama) – Mysterious Personal Shopper
  • 2015 MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress in a Serial Drama – Apgujeong Midnight Sun
  • 2015 Asia Model Festival Awards – New Star Award – Park Ha Na


  • 2022 APAN Star Award – Excellence Award (Actress in Serial Drama) – Young Lady and Gentleman
  • 2022 KBS Drama Awards – Best Actress in a Drama Special/TV Movie – Ghost in the Pond
  • 2022 KBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress – Bride’s Revenge

Frequently Asked Questions

who is Park is not?

she is South Korean actress.

who is Park is notReal name of?

Her real name is Park Ha Na (박하다).

what does Park is not Famous?

She initially rose to fame as a member of FUNNY before shifting her career focus to acting and appearing in various drama series. Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2014), Girls’ Generation 1971 (2017), and Young Lady and Gentleman (2021).

where is Park is not From?

She was born in Seoul, South Korea.

how old is Park is not?

She was born in 1985 and will be 39 years old as of 2024.

when Park is not Celebrate her birthday?

It is celebrated every 25th of July.

how tall Park is not?

Her height is 5’5″ or 165 cm.

who are Park is notof parents?

She did not reveal the names of her father and mother.

is Park is not Married?

She is not married. Moreover, there is no information about whether she is in a relationship or not.

who is Park is notEx-boyfriend?

Her ex-boyfriend is unknown.

how rich Park is not?

Her net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

what is Park Nationality of?

Her nationality is South Korean.

Park Ha Na has had a long, hard journey to become an actress. At some point, she had to change course and step out of her comfort zone to be where she is today.

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