Kim Tae Ri – Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram, Net worth

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Kim Tae Ri is a South Korean actress and model.

She became famous for her roles in films like Handmaiden (2016) and small forest (2018), as well as drama series that include Mr. Sunshine (2018), Twenty five twenty one (2022), and Revenant (2023).


Kim Tae Ri began her career in the acting industry professionally after graduating from college, but was initially involved in various theater projects.

From 2012 to 2013, this cat-loving theater was busy with technical jobs and various short film projects.

After working hard in the theater industry, she landed a job as a CF model for Body Shop in 2014.

Two years later, Tae Ri made her official debut in her eponymous film Handmaiden (2016), Park Chan Woo’s cinematic masterpiece.

For that film, she successfully beat 1,500 other applicants who auditioned for her role in the film and began gaining popularity in the entertainment industry.

Tae Ri’s name later became very famous after her acting Mr. Sunshine (2018) with Lee Byung Hun.

But after filming that drama, she decided to study abroad for almost half a year and took a break from acting.

In 2022, Tae Ri will again star in a drama, Twenty five twenty one with start-up Star, Nam Joo Hyuk.


  • Real Name: Kim Tae Ri (김태리)
  • Stage Name: Kim Tae Ri (김태리)
  • Nickname: Tae Ri
  • Birthday: 24 April 1990
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Religion:-
  • Occupation: Actress, Model
  • Education: Youngshin Nursing Business High School, Kyung Hee University (Department of Journalism and Broadcasting)
  • Hobbies: Playing video games, drawing
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter:-
  • Threads:-
  • Kim Tae Ri Instagram: @kimtaeri_official
  • TikTok:-
  • YouTube:-

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Kim Tae Ri Height: 166 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 46 kg (101 lb)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Body Measurements:-
  • Shoe Measurements:-
  • Dress Size:-

the family

  • Father:-
  • Mother:-
  • Brother: 1
  • Sister:-

Kim Tae Ri Boyfriend and dating history

Song Jong Ki

Taeri and Joong Ki were embroiled in a dating scandal after they got close after working together in a movie called Joong Ki Space sweeper In 2021.

Then, in 2022, they went on a date in Paris. However, this has not been confirmed.

Kim Tae Ri Net worth

Her estimated net worth is $5 million to $10 million. She mainly earns from her career as an actress and model as well as from brand deals.

Plastic surgery

There is no evidence that Tae Ri has undergone any surgery.

the facts

  • Tae Ri already wanted to be an actress when she was in her second year of college.
  • She once joined the theater club in her college.
  • Tae Ri also once became a technical staff for a theater group in Daehakro.
  • Tae Ri really likes cats.
  • She has two cats that she loves the most.
  • From her own perspective, she doesn’t think she’s such a strong person.
  • She would love to be with someone who can love her unconditionally.
  • Tae Ri was raised by her grandmother.
  • She likes to draw in her spare time.
  • Actually she doesn’t like to cook.
  • She enjoys drinking wine.
  • Tae Ri is an independent person.
  • She revealed that in reality her hobbies can change frequently because she has low endurance.
  • She also said that she needs some free time to be a functional person.
  • Tae Ri said that if she doesn’t get a job in the acting field, she will become a non-actress.
  • She got a chance to read it once 50 Korean literature For certain audiobooks.
  • Initially, she also dreamed of becoming a narrator.
  • She loves fangirling.
  • She idolizes BTS.
  • When talking to people older than her, she struggles to speak casually with them.
  • Her ideal type is animal lover and humorous, and has a similar style of communication.


  • Alienoid: Part 2 (2024), as Yi An
  • Alienoid (2022), Yi An
  • Space sweeper (2021), as Captain Jung
  • small forest (2018), as Song Hye Won
  • 1987: When the Day Comes (2017), as Yeon Hee
  • Moon Young (2017), as Moon Young
  • Handmaiden (2016), as Sook Hee


  • Jeong Nyon (tvN | 2024), as Yoon Jeong Nyeon
  • Revenant (SBS | 2023), as Gu San Yeong
  • Twenty five twenty one (tvN | 2022), Na Hi Do
  • Mr. Sunshine (tvN | 2018), as Go Ae Shin
  • broker (tvN | 2016), as himself

programs on TV

  • MMTG (SBS | 2018), as guest


  • 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Actress (Television) – Twenty five twenty one
  • 2022 Baeksang Arts Award – Most Popular Actress – Twenty five twenty one
  • 2022 Brand of the Year Award – Best Actress
  • 2018 APAN Art Awards – Best New Actress – Mr. Sunshine
  • 2017 Asian Film Awards – Best Newcomer –Handmaiden
  • 2017 Asia Artist Awards – Best Entertainment
  • 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best New Actress – Handmaiden
  • 2016 Bild Film Awards – Best New Actress – Handmaiden


  • 2022 APAN Star Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress in Miniseries – Twenty five twenty one
  • 2022 APAN Star Award – Popularity Star Award, Actress – Twenty five twenty one
  • 2022 Bild Film Awards – Popular Star Award (Female) – Allinoid
  • 2019 Baeksang Arts Awards – Best TV Actress – Mr. Sunshine
  • 2018 The Soul Awards – Best New Actress – small forest
  • 2018 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best Actress – small forest
  • 2018 Baeksang Art Awards – Best Actress – small forest
  • 2018 Bild Film Awards – Best Actress – small forest
  • 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actress (Film) – Handmaiden


“(Twenty Five, Twenty One) taught me what it’s like to be in the rom-com genre; There are so many possibilities in terms of acting.”

“I feel like there’s a certain firmness to my voice — how can you tell from people’s voices whether they’re going to be sensitive, fragile, stubborn or spontaneous? I think I’m the kind of (assertive, confident) person, I look like a chest, on which you say ‘Mr. Sunshine.’

Frequently Asked Questions

who is Kim Tae Ri?

She is one South Korean actress and model.

who is Kim Tae RiReal name of?

Her real name is Kim Tae Ri (김태리).

what does Kim Tae Ri Famous?

She is famous for her roles in films like Handmaiden (2016) and small forest (2018), as well as drama series that include Mr. Sunshine (2018), Twenty five twenty one (2022), and Revenant (2023).

where is Kim Tae Ri From?

She was born in Seoul, South Korea.

how old is Kim Tae Ri?

She was born in 1990 and will be 34 years old as of 2024.

when Kim Tae Ri Celebrate her birthday?

It is celebrated every 24th of April.

how tall Kim Tae Ri?

Her height is 5’5″ or 166 cm.

who are Kim Tae Riof parents?

She did not reveal the names of her father and mother.

is Kim Tae Ri Married?

She is not married. Moreover, there is no information about whether she is in a relationship or not.

who is Kim Tae Ri Ex-boyfriend?

Her ex-boyfriend is unknown. However, she was rumored to have dated Song Joong Ki.

how rich Kim Tae Ri?

Her net worth is around $5 million to $10 million.

what is Kim Tae Ri Nationality of?

Her nationality is South Korean.

Kim Tae Ri is not only an inspiration to her fans but also a role model. She is smart, talented, beautiful and funny. What a great combination for a celebrity!

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