Danielle Cohn – Bio, Facts, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Ideal Type

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Danielle Cohn is a popular American TikTok star and YouTube star. She rose to fame with her lip-syncing and dancing videos on musical.ly (now TikTok).

She still has the largest online presence on the platform, while she has a vast internet reach on other social media networks like YouTube.


Danielle Cohn’s career took off after she won Miss Florida in 2014. She then discovered Musical.ly and started posting videos on the platform. She gained more than 2 million fans within a few months.

While she created Jamaat, she also dabbled in other social media, Instagram and YouTube. Her self-titled YouTube channel is about challenges and everyday life.

She received many sponsorships from famous brands like Target, Samsung and Fix Lags.

In 2017, the social media star moved to Los Angeles with her family to focus on her career. This year, she launched her first single under the same name Marilyn Monroe.

Her popularity earned her a nomination for Choice Muser at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards. The following year she was invited SU magazine red carpet.

She continued to produce songs. She released the music video of I love And no way In 2019.

It was released in 2020 Christmas in LA And Bylamos. She also received a 2020 Star Award nomination from iHeartRadio Music Social.


  • Full Name: Danielle Halle Cohn
  • Stage Name: Danielle Cohn
  • Nickname: Danielle, Danny
  • Birthday: 7 March 2004
  • Birthplace: Florida, United States
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Occupation: Singer, TikTok star, YouTube star
  • Education: Florida Virtual School
  • Hobbies: Singing and skiing
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter: @DanielleCohn555
  • Instagram: @daniellecohn
  • TikTok: @daniellecohn
  • YouTube: Daniel Cohn Official

Height, weight and physical appearance

  • Height: 152 cm (5’11″)
  • Weight: 48 kg (105 lb)
  • Blood Group:-
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Body Measurements: 32-25-34 (Bust-32, Waist-25, and Hips-34 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 6 (US)
  • Dress Size:-

the family

  • Father: Dustin Cone
  • Mother: Jennifer Archambault
  • Brother: Chad Cone

Boyfriend and dating history

Owen Bodnar

Owen and Danielle started dating in early 2017. It became controversial because of her age at the time. However, in May of the same year, she confirmed that the two were no longer together.

Greg Marks

In May 2017, she and Gregg were rumored to be involved in a casual relationship. However, this was never confirmed. It should be noted that the two worked together for her song what about you (2017).

Case Walker

She and Kes were speculated to be together due to their closeness. However, she mentions that he is her good friend.

They also collaborated on a Shawn Mendes cover song, Treat you better.

Cole Galotti

Apparently, she was involved in a romantic relationship with Cole, which was confirmed by herself.

However, it lasts only a short time as it ends in the same year even though the month is unknown. The reason is unknown, but rumor has it that he cheated on her. He later denied the news and cleared her name.

Sebastian Topete

They started dating around 2017. Despite being young lovebirds, they were spotted together on fun outings and vacations including Hawaii.

News of their breakup broke in May 2018. An Instagram revealing account revealed leaked images and recordings, which appear to be the reason behind their split.

Sebastian Bales

Like Greg, Danielle is believed to have had some sort of casual fling with Sebastian Bales sometime in late 2017. However, Danielle referred to him as her “best friend” a few times which made people believe the rumor no more.

Mickey Tua

Their romance blossomed and was confirmed to be official in mid-2018. It was around this time that Danielle’s age became the subject of controversy, due to how frequently she made inflammatory posts.

Reportedly, they got married in April 2019 at a Las Vegas chapel. Her mother said it was just for publicity, but that didn’t stop the couple from continuing the story.

There was also a statement that she became pregnant, which turned out to be a prank.

Mickey’s parents realized the seriousness of the situation, so they took over his accounts on social media platforms. Through an Instagram post, his father confirmed that Danielle is not 15 years old.

Following this controversy, she uploaded a video on YouTube in July 2019 to address the rumors about her age. She maintained her claim that she was not 13 years old.

However, just a week after this video was uploaded, it was confirmed that Dani and Mikey had broken up.

Two months later, in September, she emotionally admitted in a YouTube video that she couldn’t move on even though she tried.

Fast forward to March 2020, she said she got close to someone while denying a relationship with Jackie Ybarra.

Fans speculated that the person she was close to at the time was Mickey. The prediction turned out to be correct, as they announced a comeback in May 2020.

They broke up again in late 2020. This time, the reason is not really revealed.

Ethan Fair

The two started dating for a while in 2019. However, they broke up soon after in January 2020. No reason was given to the people other than the statement that they would remain friends.

Fans who thought it was going to be an amicable breakup were wrong. Controversy over her age erupted in July 2020, and in early 2020 she was rumored to have had a miscarriage.

A leaked audio recording has backed up this rumour. The voice heard in this recording appears to be that of Dani’s mother, who is scolding her. Apparently, it was revealed by a family friend.

Shortly after, Ethan uploaded a series of Instagram Stories. He revealed that she became pregnant during their relationship. It was also claimed that she was only 13 years old at the time.

In September 2020, he went public with an indirect statement that Dani had cheated on him. She responds by revealing that he is the baby of an aborted baby.

Landon Baker

In August 2020, she posted an Instagram photo of herself with what appeared to be her new boyfriend.

The man was none other than Travis Baker’s son, Blink 182 drummer, Landon Barker.

They looked dated for a long time. It is being said that they separated around March 2020 due to unknown reasons.

Mason Patterson

Danielle and Mason started dating in September 2021. Initially, their relationship appeared to be tight, as both were often seen together in public and posted photos of each other on social media.

On November 2022, she posted an Instagram Story to announce her breakup with her longtime boyfriend. It seems that she dropped a hint that the reason for their breakup is that he cheated on her.

Net worth

Based on the report of celebrity net worth, It is estimated that her net worth is $2 million.

Due to her large online presence, she is able to generate income through brand deals and business ventures.


With such a huge following and total views on TikTok, it is not surprising that she earns a lot through this platform.

Accordingly game worm, It is estimated that one post on her TikTok earns her around $15 thousand.


Danielle’s monetized channel has become her primary source of income.

According to the estimates of social blade, She earns $83 to $1.3 thousand monthly from her YouTube channel. Every year, she benefits from about $997 to $15.9 thousand. This low number may be due to her infrequent uploads these days.


She has featured in advertisements for popular brands such as FashionNova, Bang Energy and Lisa B Jewelry.

business ventures

Danielle manages her merchandise line. Some of the items sold in this digital store are t-shirts, coffee mugs and phone cases with unique logos and artwork.

real estate

She and her family moved to Los Angeles, Florida with the intention of furthering her career. They live in a 5,000 square feet mansion.

This home apparently offers more than 5 bedrooms and bathrooms. She never specified a price, but estimated it would cost $4 million.

the facts

  • Her trademark is a small face and a cute smile.
  • She has light brown hair and dark brown eyes.
  • Daniel’s favorite actor is Robert Pattinson.
  • Meanwhile, she is a fan of actress Kristen Stewart.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Pretty little liars Dani’s favorite TV show is
  • She supports two sports teams: the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox.
  • She became close friends with Sebastian Bales and Justin Blake.
  • Her parents separated.
  • Danielle’s father kicked her mother out of the house.
  • Danielle dated Sebastian Topete until May 2018.
  • She was rumored to have dated Owen Bodnar.
  • In mid-2018, she started dating Mickey Tua, but the couple broke up in January 2020.
  • Along with Mickey, she organizes a wedding prank for both the couple’s parents.
  • The prank angered Mickey’s parents and they took control of their son’s social media.
  • She got a belly button piercing in July 2019.
  • In September 2019, Danielle’s father claimed that she was 2 years younger than Danielle said.
  • However, her mother remained adamant about what Daniel said.
  • After that, she briefly dated Blink-182’s drummer Landon Barker.
  • She also dated Ethan Phair after breaking up with Landon.
  • After that, he dated Mickey Tua again in 2020.
  • Apparently, Mickey’s parents did not support their son’s relationship with Daniel.
  • The internet personality suffered a miscarriage in January 2020.


  • Bachelor Lions (2018), as Front Desk Girl
  • pilot error (2020), as Lindsay Laduree
  • Roll with it (2020), as Sarah

T. V. series

  • follow me (Netflix 2017), as himself
  • obsessed (A&E Network 2021), as himself
  • POVz (PBS ⏐ 2022), like himself


  • 2017 Teen Choice Awards Choice Muser
  • 2020 iHeart Radio Music Awards Social Star Award


“The stuff you hear about me can be true, but it can also be as false as the person telling you.”

“I am passionate about making our world a better place.”

“I took up music at a difficult time in my life. I was recently kicked out of my father’s house. So I started music to clear my mind.

“If I could travel anywhere with anyone, I’d take my mom, she’s the only person I’d like to experience.”

Photos by Danielle Cohn

1. Danielle looks like a high school cheerleader in that outfit

Daniel Cohn - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

2. Her tattoo is turning heads

Daniel Cohn - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

3. Daniel is sun kissed on the beach

Singer - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

4. She looks like a princess in a blue dress

Singer - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

5. Daniel is wearing a brown hoodie and black short pants

Singer - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

Despite her scandal, Danielle Cohen remains a bright and talented social media star. That is why she has got millions of followers on social platforms.

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