Why These Black Beauty Influencers Are The Ones To Follow Now And Forever

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Your feeds are more than picture perfect.

Whether you’re looking for an amazing makeup tutorial to turn heads or you love your content served with a side of inspiration and relatability, look no further than this group of black influencers who have undoubtedly changed the game.

And their beauty is more than skin deep, as quite a few have shown they’re not afraid to come clean with their followers when it comes to everything from motherhood to self-doubt.

Take for example, influencer shalom black, who was inspired to showcase her own makeup looks after years of trying to cover up burns sustained from a tragic childhood accident. As the 27-year-old, who has more than 744,000 followers on Instagram alone, pointed out, she paved her own path after realizing representation was necessary.

“At some point, I realized that I just wanted to be happy,” she said. People in February 2021. “It wasn’t easy, but taking a chance and leaving my house without makeup really helped me. It felt so good to have that power to go without makeup.”

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