Why Linda Ronstadt Is Having Her Own “Running Up That Hill” Moment

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Once again, a lively television show is to be thanked for introducing a new generation to a beloved musical icon.

After linda ronstadtThe 1970 song “Long Long Time” was used during the January 29 episode of HBO The last of ussaw a 4900% increase in streams on Spotify.

According to the streaming service, the song peaked between 11 p.m. and midnight ET, right after the episode aired.

The song was used in a scene with Bill (nickofferman) and frank (Murray Bartlett), two men who form a relationship in the midst of a global pandemic. After Bill lets Frank into his house, Frank notices his piano and rummages through his sheet music in his bank.

He finds The best of Linda RonstadtHe turns to a page, says, “Oh my gosh, that’s my favorite,” and starts playing.

The song, of course, is “Long Long Time.”

It doesn’t get very far, though, as Bill stops the off-key rendition and says, “Not this song, not this song.”

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