Unpacking the feud between Cheer’s La’Darius Marshall and Gabi Butler

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He added: “My rookie teammates, including some who were also people of color, were asked to do this, and we complied with the request because we didn’t want to get in trouble with said veterans.”

Gabi reportedly included in her post “photos and videos of some of my other rookie teammates following the same instructions.” He added: “I’m sorry to have to involve my colleagues in this, but I have no choice but to tell the truth about this situation as the lie has been spread on social media.”

One of Gabi’s friends, T.T. Barkercame to his defense tweeting “She’s literally one of my best friends and she hasn’t given me any racist vibes at all.”

The next day, Gabi wrote on Twitter“For those who say I shouldn’t have participated, there’s a simple reason why I didn’t decline this request. I had never heard of Blackface and had no idea it was a thing. If I had thought this request had anything to do with to do with racism I would have flatly refused.”

A user then wrote to her, “I’m sorry, but there’s no way you wouldn’t know what blackface was at your age. Even if you didn’t, how could you feel comfortable with black covering your entire face and not feel like you were being disrespected?” with blacks. Most people would have.”

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