TikToker Jasmine Chiswell Reveals Red Hair In Must-See Transformation

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He marilyn monroe from TikTok has entered it norm jean was.

man of influence Jasmine Chiswell—who is known for emulating the late legendary actress with her vintage fashion and old hollywood glamor-I kiss her signature platinum blonde locks bye. On January 31, the 29-year-old revealed a daring auburn and auburn hair color it’s reminiscent of Marilyn’s tresses before she became an immortal blonde bombshell.

Jasmin’s dramatic transformation wasn’t the only noteworthy beauty change, either. Instead of rocking her Marilyn-esque pin-up, the TikToker gave her hairstyle a modern update by opting for bouncy, loose curls.

“I know no one believes it’s real but,” Jasmin wrote. video, which has amassed over four million views. “This!!!”

Her followers couldn’t contain their excitement over her makeover, with one person commenting, “Red looks absolutely gorgeous on you.”

And while many of Jasmin’s fans compared her ‘do to the late seven itchy years In the early days of the actress, someone noticed that she resembled a famous redhead from the early years.

As one user said: “You look young Lindsay Lohan OMGGGG.”

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