The Last of Us stars in that turn of the love story

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What linda ronstadt he says, we think we’re going to love this for a long, long time.

Fresh off the second season renewal news, The last of us continued its maiden run with an instantly iconic third episode, which saw Bella Ramsey, ana torv Y Pedro Pascual hand over the show to nickofferman Y Murray Bartlettunexpected soul mates.

“My first reaction to the episode was surprise,” Bartlett revealed in a behind-the-scenes report for the January 29 episode. “It was this unexpected and beautiful love story in this bleak world.”

The episode, which heavily featured Ronstadt’s “Long Long Time,” detailed the 20-year love story between Offerman’s Bill and Bartlett’s Frank, against the backdrop of an apocalyptic world ravaged by raiders and clicker-likes. zombies. And the already emotional approach was all the more poignant, as it’s something players of the original 2013 video game didn’t get to see due to Frank’s untimely death off-screen.

“Bill and Frank are kind of opposites, actually, in terms of the way they operate in the world,” Bartlett continued. “Bill is super practical and non-emotional and Frank is the complete opposite.” Offerman echoed his co-star’s sentiments, adding, “Bill is a sad character, to me, when I imagine him in the world before Frank comes along.”

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