See Coco Austin and her daughter Chanel Twin in pink school outfits

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This adorable photo gets an A+.

coco austin recently shared a sweet snapshot of her daughter visiting chanelThe first grade classroom.

“Bring your parents to the school day,” the reality star wrote on Instagram on February 1, along with a photo of herself and her 7-year-old son. “I love my #bestie girl so much.”

The mother-daughter duo wore coordinated outfits for the occasion. Chanel rocked a pink Under Armor tracksuit, a pair of boots and a headband, while Coco donned pink leggings and a matching beanie under her coat.

And when a commenter asked what they learned that day, Coco quipped, “That school is hard…lol.”

The 43-year-old television personality often posts about her daily life with Chanel, whom she shares with her husband. Ice T.

“People ask why Chanel is in so many of my videos!” Coco wrote on a January 12 instagram to post. “Because we’re like 2 peas and a pod! We’re always together! Plus, she’s my daughter and I love her…smh.”

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