Remembering when Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker gambled at a Las Vegas wedding after the Grammys

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“I passed out,” Kourtney admitted. “I don’t really remember though. I didn’t even remember Elvis singing to me walking down the aisle. I didn’t remember him having a bouquet.”

And then there was the whole “I accept you, Rachel” moment, which she did remember.

“When Elvis was going to marry us, he said, ‘I, Khloe, I accept you, Travis,’ and I just lost my mind,” Kourtney continued, recalling how she “fell right on the floor and we, like, couldn’t.” Do not get up”.

For his part, Travis thought it was all amazing.

“If it’s anything like our royal wedding,” he told Simon on the show, “I’ll be so excited.”

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