Pete Davidson Debuts Slam Dunk Shaved Head at New York Knicks Game

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Live from New York is pete davidson with a new ‘do.

He Saturday night live Alum was seen with a shaved head at the New York Knicks’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden on January 31.

Pete sat by the court next to Jon Stewart Y hasan minhajAnd they weren’t the only stars present. michael b jordan, Emma Stone, alexander skarsgard, Michael J. fox Y The Bachelor‘s matthew james They were also present and saw the Lakers beat the Knicks with a final score of 129-123.

Davidson’s new haircut isn’t the only thing turning heads. She has also been fueling romance rumors with Chase Sui Wonders.

Comedian and actress, who both appeared in the 2022 film. Bodies Bodies Bodies—have been seen displaying PDAs on various outings over the past few weeks. Davidson, 29, and Wonders, 26, were seen kissing on a trip to hawaii last week and were photographed holding hands at Universal Studios Hollywood in California in early January. TMZ he also posted photos of the duo at a New York Rangers game in mid-December.

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