Physical Persona 5 Royal Switch Review

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After several years, Atlus brought Persona 5 Royal to the Switch controller. He wasn’t sure the audience would like it. Therefore, this delayed port does not bring major system upgrades. It was great to see Persona users use this gorgeous Switch and develop their memorable experiences. Persona 5 Switch is an incredible find in this super pack. If you’re a fan of RPGs and missed this game, you should pick it up now.

About Persona 5 Royal Switch

The player must rise to endure the award-winning RPG from here. Rest of the downloadable and playable content is available for you. Pick up the mask of your desired clown and enter the prison of monster-thieves. You are trained to get into their corrupt ways and then change them to yours.

This game pack has all the beloved features to empower you in your routine life and in the Metaverse. These features include believable, desirable characters, plenty of locations, story depth, abundant reward cards with unlimited opportunities, and switch play.

Persona 5 Royal Shoji Meguro, who is a renowned composer, offers an amazing soundtrack. Its interface displays a distinctive visual style. It explores unlocked Personas characters, customizable thief dons, Tokyo tours, alternate endings, and more.

Change information

product Persona 5 Royal Switch
Publication date 31 October 2019,
category Video games
reviews 4.9/5
developer Atlas
English English
Switch storage 41 GB
Version 1.02
Available on PS5, PS4 and Xbox series
Price $59.9


Before discussing the performance of the P5R Switch, it is imperative to note that Persona 5 Royal is an upgraded version of Persona 5. Persona 5 was invented in 2017 and is now available on PlayStation 3 (PS3), PS4 titles and other consoles.

Well, your Nintendo Switch can control the entire JRPG activity while your game play works perfectly on PS3. This shows that your switch is more efficient to work with than the 3rd playstation. Therefore, its effectiveness is manifested by certain characteristics. The Switch has 3.75GB more RAM than the PS3. The Switch’s CPU speed is 2.5 times faster than the PS3.

Apart from the powerful Switch feature, Persona 5 Royal is considered to be a miraculous port for Switch use. Initially, the Nintendo platform does not allow the release of Persona 5 Royal Switch. When all the changes were completed in this version and Persona was re-released on June 28, a video surfaced. Then it comes to Nintendo with Persona 5 Royal Switch.


JRPGs appear on the Switch home more than any other gaming console platform, PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. Furthermore, JRPGs come across as more user-engaging consoles, when consuming 100+ hours of experience. The switching facility makes it more convenient in the interface of Persona 5 Royal. You can easily play your game as you can put your console in sleep mode after playing. Because the next day starts with a new opportunity to play. This Switch port makes your game accessible to the end.

According to our technical knowledge, the switch run rate is 30 frames per second. This is the fixed rate for Persona 5 Royal Switch. This function can be frustrating for regular users as it is not 60 frames. It’s worth noting that the actual PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions have a run rate of 30. It is represented that this version of Persona Play is not chopper than its official releases.

That’s why Persona 5 Royal Switch is a wonderful approach as it brings the JRPG experience to its fans. They have quality time while playing Persona 5 Royal game.

User review

Dexerto: Finally, Persona 5 Royal Switch is invented for modern consoles like Xbox, Nintendo and many others. JRPG followers must use the P5R switch. There is no more exciting and amazing place where you can enjoy your time. Let’s say you like to play long RPGs with safe outcomes. You need to join this system of thieves today. I recommend you to try this fascinating gameplay. Plus, it will steal your heart in no time.

Thedarkhors: This switch port is working properly. That makes my story so amazing. I love to play and enjoy its soundtrack.

WooingOver: One of my best RPG games. Thanks to its mechanics, characters and functions rather than making the old interface a more exciting game. When Persona 5 was released in 2017, I played my best story. In 2020 they switched to the Royal Edition, which is incredible. Although its switch has low-quality features, it is still attractive and most practical to use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Switch the PROS

  • Its loading time is appreciable and sometimes takes only six seconds to load
  • Enchanting soundtrack
  • State-of-the-art and aircraft presentation
  • Long lasting user experience of P5R
  • The game play is strongly designed
  • Reliable experience with JRPG

Cons of the switch

  • Not anti-aliasing
  • Soft vision quality
  • Sometimes, it is masked by colorful and fashionable transitions

final result

Persona 5 Royal is more appealing to JRPG fans. It reveals the most compelling game play, deep story, decision-driven duration, stylish performance and many more experiences. All these characters make your game play unforgettable. Therefore, the P5R switch receives numerous accolades from users.

Players who love to play Persona games must use this Switch port to have a good time. This makes it the best choice for RPG fans. It is necessary to avoid wasting time by using it.

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