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Persona 5 brings fusion puzzles to the Royal Strength Confident game. Players are assigned to level with the twin wardens of the Velvet Jailer Room, Justin and Caroline. You are gaining loyal support in this unique prison. Therefore, you need to connect personalities with each uplifting challenge rather than throwing gifts and talking to them.

Spending your playing time on Strength Confident is the key to an innovative solid personality and a great way to enjoy your game. Twin Warden assigns you various fusion tasks in each level. Then you can move on to the next step. After completing your fusion challenges you can reach your certain milestone.

You have the opportunity to learn new fusion methods and solve your new problems. At the same time, you can evaluate your own personality flaws and resistances.

The Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant is different from all other Confidants. Other believable stages give you the chance to level up by spending time with your devils. In this Strength Confidant, Justin and Caroline like to go out instead of getting presents. Well, on the outing, they give you prizes which are skill cards. You can use these cards to meet your Strength Confidant needs. Your fusion tasks are facilitated by advancing your trust requirements through rewards.

Unlock the features of the P5R Strength Confidant

  • Level 1: Group Guillotine> Three Persona Fusion
  • Level 3: Lockdown> When any of your personalities show a new resistance, you can release them into the twins’ prison.
  • Level 5: Special treatment> In one ticket, you are able to merge your personality with your next higher level.
  • Level 8: Guillotine Booster> You can expand the fusion numbers in triple fusion.
  • Level 10: VIP treatment>Special Treatment Union charges may be reduced

Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant’s Guide

Twin Wardens are accessible in Velvet Prison. Your new fusion challenge is unlocked immediately after completing the current task. Once you start your journey, the next task will automatically start until you achieve your top five levels. You will find some other tasks where you need someone of the highest caliber.

Jack Frost with Mabufu- Strength Confidant 1st Rank

This game depends on your experience. Jack Frost chose the fusion skill at stage 12. In that case, if you know Morgana’s confidante, you can combine Silky and Berith. This fusion helps you automatically level with Jack Frost at stage 12.

Ame-no-Uzume with Frei- Strength Confidant 2nd Rank

All fiducial layers never meet in short ways. There is no shortcut way to get Ame-no-Uzume and Frei fusion. You can merge Suzaku and Berith. This fusion is useful for you Suzaku can learn Frei, just like the default skill. Like you can get one of them with Kushi Mitama Fusion or Agathion with Hua Po with Berith.

Berith stage is normal. If you have no fusion. You can fuse Agathion with Mandrake with Silky or Kelpie.

Alternatively, you can get Frei’s reward card and merge directly with Ame-no-Uzume.

Floros with Tarukaja- Strength Confidant 3rd Rank

In this phase there is a three-way fusion of players. They can mix Eligor, Orobas, and Berith to contain certain flaros. When they choose Tarukja as their legacy skill, they can gain Fusion.

Phoenix with Counter-Strength Confident 4th Rank

After completing this challenge you have a reliable personality. This confidence persona gives you a fantastic option to get extra notes in Kasumi-Confidant. You can choose the appropriate Phoenix and Counter skills as one of your inherited skills. Let’s mix Yakshini with Kelpi since Yakshini is good at knowing counters. The resulting persona will be Phoenix with counters.

Setanta with Rakukaja- Strength Confidant 5th rank

Let’s combine Silky with Lamia to get Setanta. You have the option of achieving your goal by choosing Rakukaja Persona as your legacy skill.

Neko Shogun with Dekaja- Strength Confidant 6th Rank

It includes a three-way fusion to accompany the Neko Shogun. For this one step you have to go through additional steps as well. You can combine Kodama with Anju and Sudama. At the 28th stage she gives the reading Anju Dekaja. For your faster Sojiro Confidant achievements, you can pair Anzu with your Flauros. This move brings Anzu to level 28. Now, you can achieve your goals.

Lachesis with Tetraja- Strength Confidant 7th Rank

This Fusion Confident is a bit complicated. If you’re focused on getting a Fortune Confidant with your Persona Chihaya, this step can make it more accessible to you. Clotho reads the tetraja at stage 28 and begins his life at level 27.

An alternative way is to fuse Succubus and Lilim, which can save Tetraja. The merger of Lilim and Taka-Minatka led to Lachesis. Finally, you can rank up for this confidant.

Hecatoncheires with Masukunda- Strength Confidant 8th rank

You can get Lilim from level 34, it will be learned by Masukunda. Then you can fuse Lilim to Anzu or Desoujou. This is a straightforward way to gain confidence.

Bug with Samarekarma- Strength Confidant 9th rank

When you remove advanced fusion of Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl Mementos, you will find bugs. Mishima will inform you about this mission in July and then you will have to defeat the monster. After that, you can find Mogami and complete the task.

For this fusion it is best if you can find Pixie, Pisaca and Hariti. Hariti reads Samarekarma, so it must be at the 41st step.

To get green, you can merge Neko Shogun and Principality, Fuu-Ki and Principality, or Tam Lin and Anzu. You have Pixie in your collection. There is Pisaca in your way and combine High Pixie, Rakshasha or Sandman and Orobas.

Seth with a high counter- Strength Confidant 10th rank

Doozy is your final challenge, and you can make it easier by rotating the entire mementos. You can finish off the murderer who pulled off the memento trashing mission. he is Available to you mid-October. Plus, you’ve gained your high counter skill card.

Well, now you have to find Horus, Anubis, Thoth and Isis.

  • Horus: Yurlungur and Regent or Baron and Lachesis
  • Anubis: Angel and Saki Mitama or Angel and Pixie
  • Thoth: Lamia and Isis or Principality and Nigi Mitama
  • Isis: Sudama and Incibus or Jack Frost and Kodama

Seth is effective after all these fusions. Finally, you can use your powerful skill cards to teach him about high counters.

Persona 5 Royal Strength Confidant offers a lot of incredible rewards. You can tie all these rewards to get your mission in Velvet Jail.

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