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Persona players have a remarkable option of Persona 5 Royal Answers Key to boost their social stats. It is also beneficial to improve your confidence level without spending more time.

There are various questions that you usually hear in school. The problem is that many other questions can be asked here. Let’s say you don’t have a grasp on your logical skills and maths. There is a clear possibility that you will soon be punished by your teacher.

So you face quizzes and exams every month or every few months. Your teacher will tailor the questions to your syllabus ideas and knowledge. Most of the questions are similar to those asked in a regular class.

Additionally, this step of questions is enough to improve your knowledge. Therefore, you have a fascination with ideas and abilities, so you are free to spend time leveling up.

There is a complete list of Persona 5 Royal Answers questions that can be asked in your class and exams.

P5R April Test Answers

Here is the complete list of answers to the April questions that can be asked in the Persona 5 Royale Exam:

April 12: what is the devil The dictionary said when he acted as a key factor in the progress of mankind? – The villain.

April 19: Which row looks longer between A and B? – Both are equal.

April 23: What sport did Nero play and win at the Olympics; Music, chariot racing and theatre? – All these games

April 25: What is the true meaning of the phrase ‘My country, right or wrong’? – You are obligated to repair support.

April 27: What is the name of the theorem after this number? – Four Color Theorem.

April 30:

  • Originally, Wonder means… – wonder
  • Next, the kind part… – the child
  • So, ‘wunderkind’ shows … – a prodigy

Persona 5 Royale May Exam Answers

May 7: What is the translation of the phrase ‘femme fatale’? – Fatal women

May 10: At what time did Yoshitsune remain active? – Heian Period

Exams from 11th May to 13th:

  • What is the meaning of the phrase ‘taking the magistrate’s side’? – Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • How many brothers did Yoshitsune have? – He has a brother, Minamoto no Yoritomo
  • What is the name of the book which declares the ‘malifactor’ as the dominant factor in mankind? – The Devil’s Dictionary
  • What brain function is responsible for hallucinations? – Feeling

May 16: What is an instance where faith in the power of healing is the source of improvement in your situation? – Placebo effect.

May 19: who was he An Edo period ukiyo-e artist who moved more than 100 times? – Katsushika Hokusai.

May 21: What is the amount of silver? So 1:1.618 is the golden ratio… – 1:1.414

May 23: What do you think ‘syn’ means? – Together.

‘Asthesis’ means…. A small word like aesthetics, its meaning is surprising to see – sensation.

26 May: Author Leblanc borrowed it? Arthur Conan Doyle.

31 May: Did you learn about the peg-pie, the parrot-carrying ancient figure that became visual shorthand for buccaneer? – John Silver

Persona 5 Royale June Test Answers

June Quiz Answers are listed here for you:

June 4: Do you know the name Phenomenon? – that’s Halo effect

June 7: The red king-crab is often associated with the hermit crab; What’s the difference…? – The number of their legs

June 8: You know where autocracy gets more credit than dictatorship? Can you imagine? – Controlling public opinion.

June 13: What color do you think the stage will turn next? – Green.

June 15: Is the government issued a thing, is it coins or paper bills? – Coins.

June 20: Do you know which device is made of minor metals? – Smartphones.

June 23: Here is a bonus card based on a woman named Joan…. What is the woman’s position? – A pope.

June 27: In common English idiom, which animal includes and represents weather conditions? – Dogs.

June 29: When you look at a piece of card, what you understand is reflected on the back. – Gold.

July Test Answers for Persona 5 Royale

Persona 5 Royal July Answers and Questions are listed here:

July 1: Do you know the meaning of the Chinese phrase from which dumpling gets its name? – Wild head.

July 4: Two people in the Persona game are responsible for 31 days in the two months of July and August…. Do you know their names? – Augustus and Julius.

July 7:

  • Therefore, God’s Tanabata crosses a bright sky and brings them together once a year. Maybe something with…? – Galaxy.
  • Do you know the traditional food name of Tanabata? – Saumen.

July 9: What is the name of the card size? – Triangle.

July 11:

  • Anyway, have you imagined long-term memory? – Your precious memory that lasts for a long time.
  • Maruki says how many memories can you store? – Infinite.
  • How it will be like you have unlimited space for your memories… You are also able to preserve your memories… – forever.

July 12: What was the author famous for? – Theft.

July 13-15 Exams:

  • What will be the conclusion of your angles? A and D are 88 degrees and C is 28 degrees… B and E are? – 64 degrees.
  • Entering the classroom, Romance of the Three Empires discovers all the friends and well-known children; who is he – Zhuge Liang.
  • When are they offering you something to cross the river? – Wild head.
  • A masterpiece strategist created by Baoji …? – Offer them in place of the head.
  • Do you know the biological classification and name of the animal? – Paralithodes (Red King Crab)
  • When the government issued hard and paper currency for the first time in Japan, what happened? – The economy remained chaotic.
  • A famous Norwegian phrase is ‘raining witches’; What is it equivalent to? – It’s raining cats and dogs.
  • Do you know what another name is for the soumen noodles traditionally eaten on Tanabata? – Demonic guts.

Persona 5 Royale September Answers

To get a high grade in your class, you need to learn all the logic behind Persona 5 Royal answers. Here is the complete question book for September:

September 3: Each leg and hand in the statue represents something important…. What does the right hand reveal to all? – Prosperity.

September 6: What is the name of the phenomenon when the other arm cannot move or seems to have stopped moving on its own? – Chronostasis.

September 14: A secondhand shop does not offer all items; What does a pawn shop offer? – Collateral of money loan.

September 17: A classic phrase is ‘the cat got your tongue’; What is the origin of this phrase? – Cats eat human tongues.

September 21: Czech is the word that created the robot. What area is the Czech Republic in? – Central Europe.

September 24: How many shapes are there on a soccer ball? Remember all these balls are black and white… – 12 black and 20 white.

September 28:

  • By mistake ‘PVS’ is offered when your smartphone becomes old… What does P stand for? – His Phantom.
  • second part ‘V’; What is it representing? Next to the Phantom…. – Vibration.
  • So, finally, is ‘S’; The first name is ‘Phantom Vibration’. Now what does ‘s’ mean? – Syndrome.

September 29: In Nagargaon, a fisherman is actually a government employee. What field does it actually belong to? – He belongs to a Royal Household Agency.

October Test Answers for Persona 5 Royale

Here is the October test guide for lucky users of Persona.

October 3: The case study shows that there are three watermelons; You can use them to visualize the size of the entire universe versus matter. The process is done in sunlight. What is ‘melon’ here? – Stars.

October 6: Who invented the measuring instrument? Do you learn about him/her? – He is Joseph-Ignace Guillotin.

October 11: What is that particular name that is mostly B shaped? – Bauba.

October 17-19 Exams:

  • How many total surfaces does a soccer ball have? Both white and black balls are here… – 32 surfaces.
  • Did you know that the teacher said that colors are not different numbers? Is it or not? – It should be of same color.
  • She said, unlike the current color theme, what color will the new soccer game be broadcast in? yes i remember…. – Black and white picture.
  • Execution is carried out by means of instruments; Who did it first? – Charles-Henri Sanson.
  • In Nagarsawa, the majority of people cannot be cormorant fishermen… what exactly is the reason for this? – Hereditary business.
  • Robota is an obvious word, the etymological root of robot. Do you know the meaning of robot? – Slave labor.
  • What approach to outer space describes the initial density? – This has been done by three bees in Europe.

October 22: How many columns are there in a magic square? – These are 15 columns

October 24: Memories can be altered from facts and reality; What is the psychological reason for it? – Memory bias.

November Quiz Answers for Persona 5 Royale

There are many paper questions for November and you can check them:

November 2: Do you know the meaning of the word ‘vac’? – It reveals a share of stolen accessories.

November 4: Diamonds are gems and clubs are clubs…. What does the spade represent? – Sword scene.

November 8: You need an age limit to listen to the story…. Tell me from the test? – No age limit, any age.

November 10: Why did the character of ‘Crow’ disappear from sight? Do you know that? – Their eyes cannot be seen.

November 12: I have noticed that our voice is completely different from our natural voice on the phone. This is an amazing feature; What is the reason? – Synthetic feature.

November 14: Why have the sounds changed? – Due to high altitude.

November 15: The author roamed the entire village and was punished in a strange way. How was he punished? – Head placed to display for everyone.

November 17: What is the name of the graph? – I can give you a ‘snail’ warning… – Cochleoid.

December Answers for Persona 5 Royale Test

You have all December questions and answers.

December 20-22 Exams:

  • How much did the famous thief steal the bank’s bonus? He was a popular robber of Edo Times. – More than a billion yen.
  • The thief was punished… as a result? – Put his head on display as punishment.
  • Popular prisoners are paraded and mainly for what act? – Public performance.
  • The Holy Grail card represents something; Do you know what this is? – Hearts.
  • What can a minor do in court under Japanese judicial laws? – Be present.
  • Referred to as ‘Black Prime Minister’ when controlling politics; In which country did this happen? in Japan.
  • ‘Dokyuu’ is a Japanese word; It is translated as ‘abundant’. Which English word starts with ‘do’? – It’s a Dreadnought.

Persona 5 Royal Test January Answers

Finally, you have reached the last test of Persona 5 Royal Answer Sheet. Here are the following questions and answers:

January 11:

  • A phrase denoting stories, about Shinto gods. What does it illustrate? – How much are they in total?
  • Do you know about that phrase? Which is about how many gods there are in total… – “eighteen hundred thousand gods.”

January 14: Did you know that ‘Ihatov’ is modeled after a fictional land? – Yes, after Iwate.

January 18: What is the true meaning of the word ‘terrible’? – That’s impressive.

January 21: What was she walking on? Can you imagine … – on a snake.

January 24:

  • What do you mean when you describe a person? – A kind one.
  • What does the word ‘salty’ mean? – Displeased.

January 27: How much does his paper study make you happy so far? – With friends of friends of friends.

Now let’s test you and break your legs

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