Pamela Anderson is ready to tell her story: everything she revealed in her new book and documentary

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After the release of their private s** tape, the couple’s marriage quickly deteriorated and became volatile, with Anderson detailing the terrifying incident in 1998 that resulted in Lee being arrested and charged with spousal and child abuse. (After failing to contest the spousal battery, Lee was sentenced to six months in jail, eventually serving four.)

Anderson says the “terrible night” began with Lee rocking on the floor and saying, ‘I want my wife back, I want my wife back.’ At that time, he didn’t know what to do. And I just said, ‘I need a little help here. You have to grow up, it’s not about you anymore.'”

Saying that he had never spoken to her like that before, Anderson explains what happened next in her memoir.

“He snatched my phone and twisted my arm while I was holding Dylan in the other,” she writes of her seven-week-old son. “I pulled my nail out and blood was dripping down my arm. The kids were so scared. I picked Brandon up too, but he frantically slid up my leg and held on tight, hyperventilating.”

Lee then grabbed Brandon, then 18 months old, and “threw me and Dylan against the wall,” Anderson recalls. “I was so afraid he was hurt, he was screaming, and he was only seven weeks old. Tommy ran out the door with Brandon… I could barely breathe, trying to catch my breath through tears. In a panic, I called 911 .”

After Lee was arrested, Anderson “tried to end the marriage,” but the drummer “really fought for us to stay together,” he says in the documentary. “I had to split the divorce because he didn’t want to sign the papers. He thought we could get over it. I just took my kids and said, ‘No.’ It wasn’t a gray area for me. I was like, ‘You can’t do that.

Anderson admits that once Lee was released from jail, the couple had “secret meetings, breaking the restraining order.” In the end, their reconciliation “didn’t last… neither could forgive the other, deep down.”

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