Nina Ali from Real Housewives of Dubai is leaving after the first season

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“I’ve been looking Housewives for so many years,” she exclusively told E! News in August. “Now that I’m in a franchise that represents women in the Middle East, I feel like, ‘Wow, finally!’ I want the whole world to see what women in the Middle East are like… They can see how we live life, how we see things.”

Raised in Austin, Texas, Nina moved to Dubai in 2011 when she got married. munaf.

“I’m very Lebanese, but I’m also very American,” she explained. “I take from each culture the things that I feel comfortable with, the things that resonate with me. I don’t forget my background, my religion, my culture, but, at the same time, I mix it with the American.” culture. There are days when I’m more American, there are days when I’m more Arab.”

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