Mandy Moore’s heartwarming video with Sons Gus and Ozzie is sweet as candy

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This is beautiful.

As part of Gymboree’s spring 2023 campaign, brand ambassador Mandy Moore—along with her husband taylor goldsmith and their two children, gus23 months, and ozzie3 months—appear in heartwarming images showcasing their best mixed looks.

“As a new mom of two, the opportunity to create this campaign with Gymboree was very special and meaningful to me,” said the We are alum shared in a press release. “Capturing these moments as a family of four, especially with all the adorable matching outfits, will always make me smile.”

True to Mandy’s words, the four smile as she shares why their bond will always be a moment to remember on E! Exclusive news clip.

“Gus and Ozzie, my boys,” the singer narrates in the February 2 video. “There really is nothing sweeter than the two of you. The warm hugs, the precious laughs. This is family.”

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