Malia Obama’s TV boss describes what it was like to have her in the Swarm writers room

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malia obama he went from the White House to the writers room.

Former First Daughter joined the writing team for the upcoming Prime Video series Swarm-Co-created by donald glover—was revealed in June 2021. Now, her TV bosses are revealing what it was like to have the recent Harvard grad along for the ride.

“She is a very professional person”, co-creator Janine Naberswho also worked with Glover as an executive producer on the last two seasons of atlanta, saying vanity fair in an interview published on January 30. “She is an amazing writer and artist.”

Nabers explained that it wasn’t just a fun little part-time job for the 24-year-old, who graduated with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard in 2021.

“We really wanted to give him a chance to get his feet wet on TV,” Nabers said, “and see if this is something he wants to keep doing.”

In a separate interview with vanity fair in March 2022 Glover praised Obama’s contributions to the show, calling her “incredibly talented.”

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