Leighton Meester and Hilary Duff face off in a new HIMYF clip

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When how i met your father airs its next episode on January 31, fans can expect to see a reunion between Hilary Duffit’s Sofia and Leighton MesterIt’s Meredith, whether Sophie wants it or not.

“It’s going to be very awkward,” Sophie says on E! News’ exclusive look at the episode. “Jesse (chris lowell) probably told him about us. I’m sure she’s threatened by that.”

“No, she doesn’t care”, Sid (suraj sharma) responds, to which Sophie replies, “Damn. That makes it so much worse.”

Fans will remember that Sophie encouraged Jesse to go on tour with Meredith despite their successful first date in the season one finale. While Elena (have tran) wasn’t thrilled to hear the tour news in the season two premiere, it looks like Jesse and Meredith are still planning to hit the road together.

“Of course Meredith doesn’t feel threatened by me, she just dropped song of the year,” Sophie tells Sid and Valentina (France Raisa) outside his Pemberton’s bar before launching into a bold lie in front of his former love interest.

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