James Cameron settles the Titanic debate over whether Jack could have survived once and for all

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When it comes to this debate, we will never let it slide.

A quarter of a century later Titanic release of , film director James Cameron is looking closely (and scientifically!) at whether Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) would have survived if he had simply boarded the gate with Rose (kate winslet) as they were stranded at sea after the titular ship sank in the ocean.

In his next series, Titanic: 25 years later with James Cameron the acclaimed director enlisted the help of two stuntmen to recreate the exact scene in sub-zero temperatures, and the consensus?

“He may have survived until the lifeboat arrived,” James said in a clip shared on Good morning america February 2. “Jack could have lived, but there are so many variables.”

Among those variables are the temperature of the water and the exhaustion of the couple, among other conditions. But according to James, there’s one factor that just reigned supreme in his character’s mind that brought it to a frosty end.

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