Every Time Birthday Girl Stormi Webster Stole Our Hearts

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Happy birthday, stormy webster!

Kylie Jenner Y travis scottThe daughter of turns 5 today, February 1, and although it seems like yesterday that her keeping up with the Kardashians alum and rapper welcomed his baby girl out in the world, Stormi has certainly come into her own person over the years.

like E! readers will surely remember, Kylie managed keep your pregnancy a secret for nine whole months, and it wasn’t until Stormi was already born that the new mom announced his arrival in 2018. “My beautiful and healthy baby boy was born on February 1st and I couldn’t wait to share in this blessing,” Kylie wrote in instagram at the time. “I have never felt love and happiness like this that could burst!

That same day, the makeup mogul shared a heartfelt Youtube video titled “For Our Daughter,” which featured candid moments between she and travis along with bits of it pregnancy trip.

Although Kylie kept her pregnancy a secret, she regularly shared Stormi’s cutest moments on social media. Yes she is snowboarding in a rabbit slope or cooking in Charlie Brown autumn pajamasfans can’t get enough of the adorable little boy.

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