Enter TikTok BFFs Alix Earle and Alexandra Pohl’s winter wonderland trip to Wyoming

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alix earle Y Alexandra Pohl they go with the iceberg

not stop miss an adventure, TikTokers recently traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for an influencer getaway. As seen in videos posted online, Alix and Alexandra, both 22, caught early-morning flights from Miami just hours after partying into the night at a friend’s birthday party. As Alexandra joked in a Video from February 2“I’m so fucking drunk right now.”

But after taking some much-needed z’s on the plane, they were ready to have some fun. After complimentary mimosas at the airport, the girls and their date, Alix’s roommate Sarah and Alejandra’s friend ava parkerthey were showered with winter-themed swag and beauty products from Glow Recipe, which sponsored the brand’s trip.

“I’m so excited to be here”, Alix sprouted in a video documenting your arrival. “I think this is going to be a really fun weekend.”

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