Ed Sheeran shares a “turbulent” chapter in his personal life during Instagram’s comeback

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Ed Sheeran you’re thinking out loud about your lack of social media activity.

After being relatively quiet on Instagram, the singer, 31, returned to the platform to have an honest conversation with his followers about his absence.

“Hey guys,” she began in the January 31 post. “So I realize I haven’t been as involved with my social media or online fan base in the last two years, and the stuff that’s been posted on this account may have gotten a bit boring. Sorry. It’s my fault.”

As to why he’s been mostly silent on these channels, Sheeran suggested that he’s been dealing with a few things in private.

“The reason I’m making this video is, to be totally honest, I’ve had some turbulent things in my personal life,” he continued. “So I really didn’t feel like going online and pretending to be something I’m not when I wasn’t feeling that way. And I know it sounds weird, but that’s why I’m making this video to say things look up and I’m back in line”.

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