Connie Britton explains why her beloved character Edward is the complete opposite of Tami Taylor

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Will Connie Britton return for White Lotus season 3? She says…

connie britton is putting Dillon, Texas in your rear view mirror.

The actress, who played beloved matriarch, soccer player wife and school counselor-turned-principal Tami Taylor in all five seasons of The lights of Friday nightis reunited with FNL creator Jason Katims on AppleTV+ dear edward—but don’t expect Tami 2.0.

“When Jason contacted me, I was so excited to hear from him,” Connie exclusively told E! News. “I thought he was so inspired that this is what he envisioned for me after working with me on Tami Taylor for so long. I was like, ‘Yeah!’ Because of course we have to go to the other end of the spectrum.”

At the other end of that spectrum is Dee Dee Cameron, a wealthy, over-the-top socialite from New York whose husband is among those killed in a plane crash. As Dee Dee’s life falls apart, in more ways than one, she is forced to pick up the pieces of herself.

“This character brought me as much joy as Tami,” said Connie. “She made me laugh all the time. I think she’s such a daring girl. Even when she loses everything, that’s my favorite part. She has to break up, but then she finds the courage to move on and get to know herself better.” ”

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