Bella Hadid Shows Off Simple Hairstyle For Messy Buns On Viral TikTok

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Get ready to (hair) flip bella hadid  The latest TikTok tutorial.

There is no denying that the social media platform has become the go-to destination for discovering the best tips and tricks in the makeup, skin, and hair departments. So it’s no surprise that Bella’s simple hack for an effortless messy updo has since gone viral.

In the 15-second video from January 29, which has accumulated more than six million views: Bella gathered up her chest-length honey blonde hair and twisted it into a high bun. She wrapped the ponytail part of her look and secured it into a bun by tucking the ends of her hair into it.

That’s right, she didn’t use hair ties, clips, or pins to keep the hairstyle intact. Instead, she relied on her strings to get the job done.

Her followers were stunned by this detail, as one TikTok user commented: “Did she just tie her hair up?”

Another wrote: “Only miss bella hadid can tie her hair up with her OWN hair,” while someone else added: “Tying my hair up with my hair is my dream tbh.”

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