Armie Hammer breaks silence on allegations of rape and se*ual misconduct

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another ex, paige lorenze who did not participate in the docu series, he told E! New in 2021 that the actor “little by little began introducing her to BDSM- related activities in the bedroom”, adding that the acts were consensual.

In his interview with Air mail Although he denied any wrongdoing, Hammer acknowledged “a million percent” that he emotionally abused his accusers and admitted there was a “power imbalance” regarding his past relationships with Vucekovich and Lorenze, noting that they were a decade younger than him. and that he was a “successful actor at the time” they were involved with.

The allegations of se*ual misconduct, which emerged months after the actor Division 2020 from wife Elisabeth Chambers, affected Hammer personally. He said Air mail that in February 2021, a month after the first accusations went viral, he attempted suicide while quarantining in the Cayman Islands.

“I just went out into the ocean and swam as far as I could in the hope that I would drown, get hit by a boat or get eaten by a shark,” he said. “Then I realized my children were still on land and I couldn’t do that to my children.”

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