2 Of Your New Favorite TV Shows Just Got Renewed For A Second Season

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Whether their vans have been prepared or attached, it seems that mayfair witches Y 1923 they are here to stay.

That’s because AMC and Paramount+ just renewed their freshman series, respectively, for a second season on February 3. Both programs are currently halfway through his debut outings.

1923 is the last entry in taylor sheridanis constantly expanding yellow stone universe. stars Helen Mirren Y Harrison Ford as an even older generation of the Dutton family from the original show how do they deal with life in the 1920s in Montana, just before the Great Depression.

In addition to Ford and Mirren, Brian Geraghty, brandon skelnar, julia schlaepfer, Jerome Flynn, darren mann, isabel may, Amina Nieves, michelle randolph Y timothy dalton also star. The Paramount+ prequel has aired four episodes since its December 2022 debut and will return from its winter hiatus on February 5.

It also returns with a new episode on February 5. The Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice. Stars of the new AMC series Alexandra Daddario as a neurosurgeon who must suspend her disbelief when she learns that she is actually the last in line of a dynasty of witches. The series also stars Tongayi Chirisa, jack huston Y harry hamlin and has also aired four episodes since its premiere on January 8.

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